Know About The Colors Compatible With Your Skin Tone

Some of you may say it is not exactly rocket science to know which color to wear. One can simply try something in a changing room and find out which color suits them. To some extent, it is absolutely correct way but if you want to shop online or want to save time from shopping rounds then this guide will help you to have knowledge about colors that suit your skin. Before moving further, you must know your skin tone whether it is pale, medium or dark and then go through this guide.

Colour options according to skin tone

  • Fair/ Pale skin: If you have pale or fair skin with light features then you should choose colors that contrast your skin tone and brings color to your complexion. You can base your outfit in darker colors and combine it with lighter shades. The shades that contrast with fair skin tone is burgundy, bottle green, navy and bolder shades of blue. You can purchase the clothes of such colors at a much-discounted rate from ongoing Tommy Bahama online sales. But you must avoid soft, pastel shades, neutrals, or bright colors. So, instead of white or light beige shades, choose richer shades such as sand, camel and slate grey.
  • Medium/ olive skin: Most colors are suitable for medium skin tone but you must opt for shades that are on a little brighter side. That means choose a pale beige rather than warm sand, choose a bolder shade of purple than mauve. Since men with such skin tone have yellow or green undertones so it is recommended to avoid wearing shades of these colors that are too close to your skin tone because wearing such shades will end up looking nude on you.
  • Darker skin: The darker shades of skin perfectly blend with the vast majority of hues and shades as there is less risk of being washed out like that of pale skin tones. You have the license to wear bold bright colors like jade green or cobalt blue and balance your outfit with such a color of outfit that will hold the look together. You must choose a single color or two that complement rather than compete with each other. Brown is the color that you should always avoid. Brown will not contrast with your skin and pastel shades will wash out your skin tone.


Black and navy blue are two key colors that is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. These colors could be worn on the majority of formal and corporate events. The style is always about self-expression. It is advisable that if you like some particular color then go, purchase it and wear it with confidence. Any color worn with confidence provide a complete look. But if you are always in dilemma about the colors that suits your skin tone then this guide would surely give you a better overview of colors suitable for your skin tone. Grab those colors and acquire a great look!

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