Smart Devices: Pick The One You Need Without Complications

When it goes about high technologies, the future has just come. The concept of a smart house is not extravagant anymore. Right now lots of smart devices that improve your life are available on the market. Another complication appears though. How to choose a device you need? The one you will use every day and will not regret the purchase? It is easy with this article. It is a list of high-tech gadgets every original house is weary for. Here are the main criteria of a smart device:

  • It is not a toy, but a thing that makes your life easier;
  • It can be connected to other domestic equipment;
  • It can be controlled by voice or a smartphone;
  • it should cover all needs of a regular user.

Here is a little advice for you: on a site, you can search for a gadget you need instantly and conveniently. In case you’ve found a thing you like, do not rush to buy it. First, surf the Internet for more information, services and reviews.

LG Hub Robot

This little buddy has become a good alternative for Echo and Alexa. This cool gadget understands your voice and can be connected to other devices of your home. In 2018 this is one of the best ways to get automation into your life. Add some cute emotions a robot can show, tons of useful info it supplies you with, and convenient size to the list of its advantages.

Zera Food Recycler

Green energy and ecology are new trends of smart products. You can find lots of them on This electronic bin has already won many awards. Let it win your heart as well. What’s the point? It is a personal recycling station. With it, you can cut down an amount of food waste by ⅔. A device recycles it into soil fertilizer. This is a good choice for those who have a garden and a big family.

Samsung Family Hub

For many people, a fridge is the heart of a house. This one is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth connections. It provides control over product consumption, daily regime, calories, etc. The fridge makes a photo of its contents each time you close a door. In other words, it makes a “to buy” list for you. With a significant amount of technology, the fridge can become your diet control system.

Eve Energy

All smart devices cannot work without electricity. How about an intelligent electricity controller? This plug works with HomeKit technology. It means that users of Apple devices can control the energy consumption of their device systems. It supports voice control (by Siri) and has become wearable for every house.


You have probably read about the Nest company and its smart products for security on An intelligent doorbell is a good decision for those who miss their guests. It is equipped with an indoor loudspeaker with a wireless connection. If you are not at home, a doorbell will send you a quick notification through an application. You will be able to call a visitor via a smartphone.

These are five devices that have won a utility contest. Even one will make your life comfortable and easy. Try one and join the 21st century today.

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