Pressidium Affiliate Program Review : Refer And Earn

Pressidium is a well-known managed WordPress hosting platform. Mainly large digital agencies, media outlets, tech startups, universities and Fortune 500 companies are using Pressidium WordPress hosting services. Pressidium is offering an affiliate program just like Flywheel. The Pressidium affiliate program lets you make money for referring sales.

How To Join Pressidium Affiliate Program?

The Pressidium affiliate program is powered by Shareasale network. Go to Pressidium affiliate program signup page and submit application. Pressidium team will review your application and let you know the approval status through E-mail.

How Can Affiliates Promote Pressidium?

The affiliates can promote Pressidium using the following methods :

  • Promote Pressidium on your social profiles like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Write a blog post or review article about Pressidium and share with your friends and colleagues.
  • Place Pressidium promotional banners on your website or blog to attract audience.
  • Send E-Mails or newsletters about Pressidium to subscribers list.

Rules :

  • The affiliates must not run PPC campaigns using keywords related to Pressidium.
  • You must not offer money or discounts to people for buying Pressidium plans.

What Is The Commission Structure?

The affiliates can earn up to $100 commission per sale for Personal, Professional, Business and Business Plus plans. You can earn up to $50 commission for micro plans. The payment will be sent by Shareasale once you reach $50 threshold. You will receive commissions on monthly basis.

What Are The Best Features Of Pressidium Affiliate Program?

  • High commissions
  • Real time stats
  • Special bonus for top affiliates
  • Dedicated support

Contact Info :

If you had anything to ask about Pressidium affiliate program, then reach their support team at [email protected]

Final Conclusion :

One must join Pressidium affiliate program to earn decent income. If you had worked as a Pressidium affiliate, then share your experiences in the comments section. Hope this Pressidium affiliate program review help affiliates to get started.

Join Pressidium Affiliate Program And Start Making Money !!!

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