Mangools Affiliate Program Review : Earn Recurring Income

In webmasters language, SEO is an essential commodity. Being a webmaster, you need to research on the rankings, keywords, backlinks, competitors and many more. There are many SEO tools in the market like Longtail Pro and SEMRush. KWFinder was a leading keyword research tool and it is a product of Mangools. The Mangools is a compilation of 5 SEO tools and can be accessed under single account. The 5 SEO tools and their purposes are as follows :

  • KWFinder – This tool is mainly used for keyword research. You can find hundreds of long tail and profitable keywords.
  • SERPChecker – The SERPChecker tool is used for analyzing organic search (Google) results. You can compare SERP analysis of your website with your competitors. The word SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page.
  • SERPWatcher – The SERPWatcher tool is used for tracking ranks of keywords. You can see the change in keyword rankings on daily basis.
  • LinkMiner – The LinkMiner tool is used to check backlinks and they get the index from Majestic.
  • SiteProfiler – The Siteprofiler tool is used for website analysis. You can check the backlinks, domain authority by Moz, traffic and popular content using this tool.

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Mangools Affiliate Program :

Mangools affiliate program lets you make money by referring customers to any of the above 5 tools. Whereas KWFinder affiliate program is designed for referring customers to KWFinder. Unlike other affiliate programs, you do not need to wait for the approval. You will receive instant approval from Mangools.

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How To Join Mangools Affiliate Program?

Go to Mangools affiliate program signup page and register yourself. Once you get the approval, you can start promoting Mangools using promotional material.

How Can Affiliates Promote Mangools?

The affiliates can promote Mangools using the following methods :

  • Write blog posts or reviews about Mangools tools.
  • Send E-Mails or newsletters about Mangools tools to subscribers list.
  • Promote Mangools tools on social profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Place Mangools tools banners on your website or blog to attract audience.

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Don’ts :

  • The coupon sites are not allowed to join Mangools affiliate program.
  • Being an affiliate, you must not bid on keywords related to Mangools name.
  • The Mangools affiliate program does not allow self referrals.

What Is The Commission Structure?

The Mangools affiliates will receive 30% recurring commission per sale. It is applicable for all the 5 SEO tools. That means you will receive commission until the referred member stays with Mangools.

Payment Info :

The affiliates will receive payments on monthly basis. Being a qualified affiliate, you must reach at least $150 to withdraw funds. The payment option is PayPal.

Best Features Of Mangools Affiliate Program :

  • Instant access
  • 30% recurring commissions
  • High conversion rate
  • Innovative promotional material
  • User friendly dashboard
  • Timely payouts

Final Conclusion :

One must join Mangools affiliate program or KWfinder affiliate program to earn decent income. If you had worked as a Mangools affiliate, then share your experiences in the comments section. Hope this Mangools affiliate program review help people to get started.

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