Propellerads Review (2021) : Insightful Case Study

I am going to talk about the Propellerads in this post. If you have a website or app, then how will you make money from it? You ask this question to any site owner. The very first answer you will listen from their mouth is ads. Even I asked many of them and majority of the people said AdSense. This was the impact created by the Google AdSense. It ruled the online advertising for many years. But, now it is losing its pace slowly. The reason is that site owners started looking for AdSense alternatives.

Recently I reviewed the Newor Media. I was really surprised with their publishers income. Okay coming to the today’s topic, let me tell you about the Propellerads first.

What Is Propellerads?

The Propellerads is a self serve display and mobile advertising network. The advertisers run campaigns and site owners earn money from the ads served on their websites. Many people have asked me what is ad propellerads. That means the ad is served by the Propellerads.

Is Propellerads legit? This is the question asked to me by many newbies. My answer is Yes, it is legit as well as safe.

The Propellerads had a wonderful program, It lets you earn money from the subscriptions. Read my review for knowing more.

How Does Propeller Ads Work?

The Propeller ads allows site owners, app owners and networks to monetize their content. Like AdSense, they work on CPC, CPM and CPA model. The CPC is calculated based on the number of clicks you get on the ads. While CPM will be calculated based on the number of 1000 impressions.

They are working with more than 1,50,000 publishers across the world. Even you can earn money from the mobile apps, online games, widgets, social groups, software or by sending any kind of traffic.

For Propellerads Advertiser :

The Propellerads advertiser can setup campaigns on the basis of following pricing models : CPC, CPM, SmartCPM and SmartCPA.

The SmartCPM technology lets advertiser to set the price and in return bids within the budget. In this way the advertiser will get benefited by paying less. When it comes to SmartCPA model, it is similar to the SmartCPM but works on the conversions. That means the advertiser sets the conversion price and the SmartCPA algorithm bids within the budget.

How To Set Up Propeller Ads?

For creating the advertiser account, go to this page, fill all the information and submit. Once your account gets verified, you can straightaway login into the dashboard. Being a Propellerads advertiser, you can create a campaign as shown in the image below.

Create campaign in propellerads
Image courtesy : Propellerads

The minimum deposit is as follows :

  • Credit Cards and PayPal – $100
  • Wire Transfer – $1000
  • Skrill – $100

How Can You Join As A Propellerads Publisher?

For joining as a publisher, go to the signup page. Fill all the fields and click sign up.

Propellerads publisher signup

Unlike the AdSense, you will get instant approval. There is no waiting time. However you need to verify your E-Mail. After verification, login into the propellerads dashboard, add your website. See the image below :

propellerads add site

After adding the site, you were asked to verify the ownership of the site. You can either add a verification tag to your site or else upload the verification file to your root folder via FTP.

Once your website is ready to show ads, you will be asking to create a zone. That means you have to choose the right ad format.

What Are The Ad Formats Offered By Propellerads?

The Propellerads is committed to offer wide range of monetization tools a.k.a ad formats. They are Push Notification, Interstitial, Native Banners, Smart Links and OnClick popunder. Being a publisher, you can maximize your ad revenue by using these formats rightly.

Push Notifications (Native subscriptions) :

You might have seen subscription boxes on websites asking permission for allowing push notification. The push notifications ad format does the same thing. When visitors allows them, they will receive push notifications. Every push notification comes with an ad. You will get paid for the ad views. Even you can earn on every subscription. The best part is that it doesn’t eat the website’s space. The push notifications format is compatible with other ad networks.

There are many publishers earning decent income from the Propellerads native subscription.

Interstitial :

These ad units can be displayed before or after specific web pages. Mostly they are shown as the half page ads. They offer more revenue compared to the banners.

Onclick Popunder :

These full tab ads appear in a new browser window. This format is compatible with the AdSense and others. You can earn money from every visitor.

Native Banner :

The responsive and customizable widgets would display ads matching your site.

What Is Propellerads Smartlink?

This ad format is also called as Smart Links or Direct link or Direct. Among all the ad formats, the Direct link is the most profitable and flexible. As the name suggests, the publisher can earn money by sending traffic to advertiser’s pages. Unlike other ad networks, there are no restrictions for sending traffic.

You can use the following sources to send traffic :

  • Pop
  • 404 error page
  • Your own custom banners
  • Toolbar
  • Expired domains
  • Text
  • Redirect
  • Mobile app

There Propellerads smartlink CPM will depend on the traffic. If you are successful in sending at least 1000 visitors, you can contact the their support team. They will assist you.

What Are The Advantages Of The Direct Link Ad Format?

  • You can create your own attractive banners for sending traffic.
  • There are no restrictions for using direct links. You can use unlimited links on the same page.
  • You can share this link everywhere.
  • The publishers can run traffic campaigns to send traffic.
  • There are no country specific restrictions.

Your revenue will increase with the amount of traffic you send. If you send 10,000 or more visitors within 24 hours, then the Propeller Ads team will create banners for you.

How To Increase Propellerads CPM?

Many people were interested in this question. This is obvious because who doesn’t really want to increase their ad revenue. So here are following tips to increase the Propellerads CPM :

  • Send quality traffic : You should engage your readers with your valuable content. Once they find your content informative, they will stay on your website for longtime. You should try to maintain quality readership. Increasing traffic will help in maximizing your ad revenue.
  • If you can send at least 1000 visitors to the advertisers, then the Direct link ad format is beneficial. Otherwise you can use Onclick popunder ads.
  • The eCPM is directly dependent on the geos. For example, the Canadian advertiser may pay high for the Canada traffic and low for others. In this case, you will see the variation in CPM. This is the reason why people often complain of low CPM. But, the Tier 1 traffic will never disappoint you.
  • The ad unit’s selection and placement plays a major role. Always make sure to combine best ad units, rather than ending up with a single ad.
  • The Google has made mobile traffic as the mandatory signal for the rankings. Make sure that your website is responsive and error free.

How Will You Get Paid?

The payment options are ePayments, Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard/Payoneer Bank Transfer, PayPal, Skrill, WIRE and Webmoney Z.

What Is The Propellerads Minimum Payout?

The minimum payout is $5 for all payment options except the Payoneer ($20) and Wire transfer ($550).

How To Earn With Propellerads Affiliate Program?

You can earn the decent commissions from the Propeller ads referral program. The publishers will have the access to the attractive banners. You can earn 5% commission from the referral’s revenue.

Can We Compare These Two Ad Networks? (Propeller ads Vs AdSense)

When you look at this question carefully, what would your mind say? AdSense, obviously. But, there are some downsides of the AdSense. They do not offer Direct link and Push Notifications ad format. The Propeller ads have the referral program. While the Google AdSense doesn’t have an affiliate program. When you have 90% Tier 1 traffic, then the revenue from the Propeller ads will be not less than that of AdSense. Even AdSense pays peanuts for the Asian traffic.

Coming to the payment part, the minimum payout is very low compared to the AdSense. The best part is that the Propeller ads is absolutely compatible with the AdSense.

How To Install The Propellerads WordPress Plugin?

Once you login into your WordPress admin dashboard, select Plugins > Add new.

Search and find the “propellerads” plugin and click Install Now.

Once you install it, click on the Activate Plugin.

After the plugin gets activated, go to the PropellerAds menu and customize your ad channels.

You can customize everything from the Propeller ads plugin dashboard.

How To Delete Propellerads Account?

There is no option to delete the site or ad zone. Even the Propeller ads team will not delete them either. In that case they won’t delete your account unless they find you indulging in malpractice. If you lost interest in their ads, then stop using them.

How To Reach The Support Team?

If you have any questions about the Propellerads, then reach them at

What is The Final Conclusion?

This ad network is ideal for any type of traffic. If you have worked with the Propeller ads, then please share your experiences.

Did you love my Propellerads review? If you have any questions about the Propellerads, then please ask them in the comments section.

Give a try to the Propellerads!

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