Affiliate Marketing VS Online Advertising : Which Is Better?

There are many ways to make money from your website. Earlier, the site owners would monetize with the ads. Be it a Google AdSense or Later they made a shift to the affiliate marketing. We know many bloggers who are earning 6 figure income with the affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate networks like share sale, Click bank and LinkShare. The affiliate networks comprise of thousands of affiliate programs in hundreds of categories.

One of the most profitable categories but also one of the most competitive ones is the online casinos affiliate industry. The idea is to review the best online casinos in India and to give the users a better understanding where they should join and what bonuses they can expect.

This industry requires honest and professional reviews, as people follow those reviews and decide what online casino to join. In India, there’s a constant increase in related KWs in that industry. The content must be on high quality levels and requires a lot of investment – time and money. Now, it is a time to compare both online advertising and affiliate marketing.

Now look at these differences (Affiliate marketing vs online advertising) :

  • The online advertising doesn’t fetch you much money. Do you know the reason? The ad network works based on the real-time bidding. The revenue depends on the geos and traffic. Many ad networks pay only peanuts. Let us look at the affiliate marketing. You can earn high commission for every sale or lead.
  • You can earn from the online advertising only when your traffic is high. Whereas there are no traffic restrictions in the affiliate marketing. However, you can earn more when your site has targeted traffic.
  • You do not need to have a website for joining the affiliate networks. When you have a good following on the social media, you can join them. Whereas you need a good running website for the online advertising.
  • There are lots of affiliate programs in every niche. Whereas online advertising networks are limited.
  • You can join as many affiliate networks or programs you can. There are no restrictions.
  • In the online advertising, you can’t earn the substantial income if you do not attract millions of pageviews. Whereas you can earn high income even if your site has a low traffic.
  • When an online ad network ban your account, it is difficult to get it back. Where as in the case of affiliate networks, it is very rare to get your account blocked. The ad networks like AdSense are hell strict. They can ban you for a small reason.
  • You can place any number of affiliate banners and links on your website. Whereas you cannot use more than 4 ad units per page.
  • The revenue generation in the online advertising is based on the clicks and impressions. Whereas in the affiliate marketing, you will earn based on the conversions.
  • If you look at the ad networks, they work on the revenue sharing model. For example, the AdSense gives 68% share to the publishers. When you look at the affiliate programs, some may offer 80-90% commission per sale.

What Are The Final Words?

We opine that the affiliate marketing has a huge scope compared to the advertising. The online advertising might have worked well for some people. But, using affiliate marketing along with the online advertising would definitely boost your revenue. We do not stress to use only affiliate marketing. You should experiment with ads as well as affiliate programs. However, the revenue depends on the niche and traffic volume. One must select the high paying affiliate programs in their niche.

Hope this article help the people for getting started. If you have any questions or suggestions, then please reach us through the comments.

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