Solo Ads for Business

To connect buyers and sellers, one needs a managed advertising market place. A fair deal needs to be struck between both the parties so that they are free from spam, frauds and time wasters. Petar Solo Ads are an open, transparent and ethical platform to place your solo ads in order to reach customers individually.

The buyers and sellers are in direct contact with each other, which encourages recognition and trust from both sides. The PPC service providers generally do checks on the customers before enlisting them on the basis of phone verification, passport scan or webcam. This ensures that a genuine email address is being approached by the seller.

Inevitable Success Rate

When you buy Solo ads traffic from Petar, you can be assured of an honest and accurate database. However, in case of any discrepancies, a whole team of associates intervenes and resolves any issues that may arise. Check for the testimonials and references from previous customers before you choose a company to entrust you with a marketing email list. They should guarantee a return on investment with their database.

Some of the recipients are familiar with the solo ads concept and engage in the marketing content of the seller accordingly. Genuine prospective buyers are viewing the solo ads, as the advanced filters eliminate spam and fraudulent clicks.

Save on Advertisement Budget

save on advertisement budget

The sellers not only save on their advertisement budget with solo ads marketing, but the PPC services also offer referral programs to them, wherein you can earn a commission on engaging in a new client. If you are a startup company or new to the solo ads concept, then the creative team can also help you in drafting the text and landing pages for your solo ad.

Since they are the experienced experts in the field of solo Ad marketing, they can fetch immediate results with their self-designed landing pages and high conversion copies. They usually have a list of designers and high rated writers that you can choose for your own style of business. These marketing professionals with varied backgrounds touch upon a wide range of industries.

Free Trial Offers

free trial offers

The solo ad companies usually offer a free trial service to their clients, if they are indulging in this type of marketing for the first time. You get to start an ad account with the company and continue using it to feature your solo ads for as long as you benefit from them.

There are also other additional perks such as freebies, VIP access to offers and availability of other products and services which would be accessible only on this digital platform. The marketing professionals will also aid in refining your solo ad message to the customers, by using strategic and tactical planning tools. With the active forums also at hand, the existing users also post advice for the novice companies.

Features of a Solo Ad Provider

Solo ad provider

  1. They facilitate full page interstitial and pop ads
  2. They help in boosting traffic, resulting in conversions to sale
  3. Best performing formats are adopted by these professionals
  4. The targeted clientele is real time people
  5. The targeted audience is traceable and hence safe
  6. High quality traffic is guaranteed
  7. The mode of delivery is smart
  8. No junk and spam traffic
  9. Traffic database from all over the world
  10. A complete monitoring and approval system set up

Open and Friendly Community

To buy solo ads from Petar, you can be assured of a tie up that is friendly and open. The AI scans search and browse to only those targeted audiences that match up to the client’s campaign. Even the company’s website that you link with the solo ad will be displayed only to the customers who have matched the criteria of the highly interested people.

Just sign up with your email address and get started with generating high quality solo ads traffic which eventually converts to sales in no time. Set up your marketing campaign, fill in the company’s URL and select the country and the type of demographics that you wish to target with your solo ad. Placing the solo ads has never been simpler!

Place your Solo ad now!

Solo ads

Place your order with a Solo ad company by paying their nominal fee through any mode of payment convenient to you. Once you go live, you can even track your ad traffic and monitor the results achieved thereof. The traffic needs to stay consistent to maximize the results on your solo ad and turn into sales conversions.

7 Days Buyer offers the highest quality of web traffic from countries all over the world, with automated targeting techniques and smart goals, achieving real results from real time buyers. They offer 24/7 helpdesk support to their clients in case of any errors. Make sure you check their referrals and don’t miss out on anything!

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