Promote Your Online Business : 5 Tips to Expand Customer Traffic

In today’s vast e-commerce landscape, the average entrepreneur knows a thing or two about developing an online presence.

If you’re an entrepreneur in this day and age, we know that you’re busy. Adding marketing strategy to your already full plate can feel overwhelming. And yet, when armed with even beginner-level knowledge of online self-promotion, you will expand your customer base and open yourself up to opportunities for financial growth.

If you are looking to improve your customer traffic, check out these five simple and affordable tips to foster growth in your business.

1. Invest in Google AdWords

Have you ever googled a product and encountered a perfectly timed and extremely relevant ad? This is no coincidence. G Suite offers a service called Google Ads.  With Google Ads, you can target more relevant customer traffic while expanding your existing base of clientele.

Google makes it pretty easy for anyone using this service. They provide the option to set a budget as well as plenty of free resources for learning about Google Ads. However, some find it helpful to consult a adwords expert to maximize their experience with Google Ads. An expert will help you navigate the service and expand your reach when it comes to attracting customer traffic.

2. Start a Blog

If you are just learning about SEO, you may have heard that creating a blog will help you gain more traction with your potential clients.

For those who don’t know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the process of increasing website visibility by presenting quality content and increasing website traffic.

Let’s say you own company that sells products that promote sustainability. If you put forth quality content surrounding your brand and the themes that represent your products, many customers will visit your site and search engine algorithms will rank your brand higher in the search results. A blog is a great way to promote your brand while releasing quality content to help you rank higher.

3. Maintain a Strong Social Media Presence

Anyone with an Instagram account knows that we live in the age of social media. When you build a strong following, you give yourself the opportunity to grow your business. The more followers you gain, the more potential customers you have.

You can maintain a robust social media presence by keeping your content consistent. Make sure your aesthetic is bold, cohesive and easy to pick out.

Lastly, make sure that you promote content that matters to you. Customers and followers want to feel connected to a real person or team of people, not a corporation. That’s the beauty of e-commerce; it feels more personal than a bigger brand.

4. Giveaways to Draw New Customers

One tactic that is particularly helpful to attract new customers is the giveaway. A company offers a free sample of their product or a free amount of time for their service through a competition. For example, if you open up a music studio, you can offer a free 1-hour piano lesson to a person chosen randomly who tags a friend in the comments of post on your Instagram account.

Giveaways are a fun and effective way to spread awareness of your product or service and attract a larger following of potential customers.

5. Believe in Your Work

When you believe in your product or service, other people will too. Leading with confidence and passion leaves a positive first impression on potential customers. Know that your hard work deserves success and appreciation.

We hope these tips help you attract loyal customers and grow your business.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I truly believe that content can affect SEO that much, though, of course, we need to consider other aspects, content is still the most important and obvious one.

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