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Influencer Marketing: A complete guide to collaboration with bloggers from searching and verification to measuring effectiveness in instagram


A complete guide to collaboration with bloggers from searching and verification to measuring effectiveness.

Why is it important to collaborate with influencers on Instagram?

  • Instagram influencers have authority in the eyes of their followers, the followers’ trust in the blogger is automatically transferred to the advertised brand;
  • Positive long-term effect of cooperation;
  • High exposure to the target audience, top Instagram influencers can deliver information about your company to hundreds of thousands of followers in a few hours;
  • Attract a new audience to your account.

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How to find an influencer for advertising on Instagram


If you are looking for a local blogger, it’s logical to look for them by geographic hashtags, particularly at the top of regional hashtags. Here you will find a lot of popular accounts in the city you need. Why at the top? Because publications get to the top due to the high speed of attaining likes, which means that either the account has a very active audience or likes were bought. Without analysis, it’s impossible to understand whether likes are live or bought, so we did a special check of bloggers for cheating (purchasing likes).

The hashtag search is the most basic and affordable tool for finding bloggers for advertising.

For example, to find influencers who live in London, you should start searching by the hashtags #londontown, #london, #londonlife.


Pros: available instantly.

Cons: manual, time-consuming.

Search through the “Suggested for you” section on Instagram

The content of this section is based on the similarity of the audience. For example, you found an influencer, communicated, but something went wrong such as the price was too high, or the blogger refused. Or you just need a short list of bloggers for further work. Then you should open the “Suggested for you” section on the profile of this blogger and select other bloggers that interest you …

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