Mediapulsertb – Unique In Line Of Competitors

RTB technology is becoming more popular and more often implemented. This network has not only implemented it, but their main specification is mobile audience. It is quite specific and unusual combination what makes the network even more competitive.

Special treatment

Developers and app publishers are in special favor here. They’re offered low and sometimes even no cost for the services. Global work attracts customers from different countries to promote their apps without extra fees for the technologies and ad displaying. Probably that’s why the tram could invite and attract many clients in advertising and affiliates.

All the system on the platform are very flexible and everyone can tune his or her account to gain best results without distraction or feeling inconvenient. Several campaigns are easily launched in one account, all the statics is easily gathered in mere seconds.

The network seems to be working on charity base, but they offer one more option for those who is interested in publishing. According to policy of their referral program – an adviser can rent up to 10 per cent of his recommender.

On a final note

One may not believe in selflessness, but Mediapulsertb seems to be the case where you can change your mind. Cheap advertising might lead to poor work performance, but that’s not true for the guys at all. They are very strict about spam or fraud, honesty and fair deal is a basis of working process. The team members are in some sense rebels, they see a world of mobile ads at an unusual angle to implement brave but stable solutions.Unique approach will certainly touch your feelings.

Read some mediapulsertb clients reviews

I think I’ve become guru in advertising with the network for less than half a year. I needed something really special for low costs, but with high effectivity. My app in the market was not on top positions, however i saw that people load it. of course, I earn some money from it, but I spent so many nights in it and i have so many ideas to implement more. each work should be paid. I started thinking about ads. first problem is that people may delete your app after seeing unpleasant material, or distracting from their activity. however, my personal manager assured that I will have relevant to my app ads and they will appear not to disturb. I received a small reward for each 1000 of views.

It is not so much, but in terms of one network i launched the campaign about my app. In the beginning, I had to pay extra money to that i earned on advertising. In several months I stopped paying, in one i account i can see that i earn and spend at the same time. sure, it was not so easy, especially when you advertise your app. All the questions like targeted audience, model of payment, bidding – it was sometimes even more difficult than coding. RTB model was exactly for me as i could estimate what is a maximum price for ads of my app, it is still a bit unbelievable how quickly all it happens. now my friend offered to create one more puzzle-game. I am not sure, I know that will start one more campaign here to promote it. I really appreciate that I don’t have to think how it all works, where to find publishers or advertisers like I am, I can simply track my business online and change or halt at any moment I feel it necessary.

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