Revenuehits Referral Program: Join, Refer And Earn 10% Cash

We would like to talk about the RevenueHits referral program in this post.

The Revenuehits is an ad network that is helping thousands of publishers worldwide.

The site owners can make money from ReveneueHits by placing ad code on their websites.

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Coming to the referral program, you can make extra money by bringing publishers to the RevenueHits.

For trying the referral program, you should be a RevenueHits publisher.

How To Join RevenueHits Referral Program?

To join as a RevenueHits affiliate, go to the ReferralsĀ page as shown in the image below.

revenuehits referral program

You can copy your unique referral link to share with others.

How Can The Referrals Promote RevenueHits?

1. Are you a blogger? If yes, the write a review article about the RevenueHits and give the referral link within the article.

2. Do you have a list of subscribers? If your answer is yes, then let them know about the RevenueHits through the newsletters.

3. Are you a YouTuber? If yes, then create a video about the RevenueHits and leave your referral link in the description.

4. You can promote the RevenueHits on your websites and social profiles.

How Much Can RevenueHits Affiliate Make?

There are 2 types of commissions available:

  • You can make 5% commission up to 1 year when your referred member earn up to $1500/month.
  • You can make 10% commission up to 1 year when your referred member earn over $1500/month.

When And How Will You Get Paid?

The publishers are get paid on the Net 30 basis. You must reach at least $20 for withdrawing payment. The payment options are PayPal, Payoneer and Wire transfer.

What is The Final Conclusion?

One should join Revenuehits referral program for earning extra income.

However, you could earn more when your referral makes over $1500/month.

If you have worked as a RevenueHits affiliate, then share your experiences.

Hope this Revenuehits referral program review help people while getting started.

Give a try to the RevenueHits and join referral program!

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