How You Should Choose Your Affiliate Platform In 2023

Money is the ultimate goal for all businesses. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or a shopkeeper. For shopkeepers, it is a little more direct. However, when it comes to bloggers, not all people know that they are seeking money through their content. They do, though.

Bloggers might not be making a lot of money right at the start of their career, but they aim to be making a monetary profit somewhere down the line. This gives birth to the need for an Affiliate platform for content creators. Let’s get to know all about it.

What is an affiliate platform?

To put it simply, affiliate platforms are simply outlets that make affiliate marketing possible. The story of affiliate platforms starts with affiliate programs. They are also known as associate programs. It is an arrangement in which a merchant website will pay a commission to its affiliate website in exchange for online traffic. It goes without saying that all of this happens online. There are three parties that are involved in an affiliate program –

  • The merchant website
  • The affiliate website
  • The customers

With that being said, let’s answer what an affiliate platform is. It serves as a bridge between two parties that are affiliates and merchant websites. They connect with each other on an affiliate platform. It is also known as an affiliate network. Online sellers can sign up on an affiliate platform and list their products and services. They also mention the commission that they are willing to pay to the affiliates along with the terms and conditions that they expect the affiliates to accept.

Affiliates get to choose who they want to be working for. Affiliate platforms are like an open marketplace. Affiliates have free will on these platforms and so do merchants.

How to earn money on your website with the affiliation

Before you move ahead to know how you can earn money on your website with affiliation, it is important that you have a website and that you have joined an affiliate network. Next, you can use these steps to earn money on your website with the affiliation.

  • Start publishing content on your website and insert the affiliate link within those articles. The content can be random.
  • Once your website has grown in terms of experience and audience both, you can move on to promote your affiliate product in your content. However, you have to be smart enough to do it. You should only add links where it feels natural, and it helps to add links at the start of the article itself. Also, try to use the space on your website wisely by making it more interactive.
  • Focus on making your website visitors into customers of your merchant. For this, you will have to work a little harder and make sure that your audience is convinced enough to buy the products and services that your merchant is offering.

The best affiliate platforms in 2021

Now that we know all about affiliate platforms and how they work, it is important that we discuss the best affiliate platforms in 2021.


Awin is a smaller rebrand of Affiliate Window. It gives you reach to approximately 13,000 online merchants. It offers a comparatively low minimum payout which is only twenty dollars.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction or CJ, as it is popularly known. It is a huge affiliate platform. It offers you access to thousands of online merchants, both big and small. However, you might find its dashboard to be a little complicated if you are new to it.


With over 10,000 plus business partners, Lemonads is the next-generation affiliate platform. It is much more advanced than its competitors.

You may be interested to read this Lemonads review.

Trade Doubler

Trade Doubler is successfully established in over 60 countries and has approximately 2000 advertisers. So, you can tell how successful it is

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing was known as LinkShare earlier. It is quite popular and has more big online merchants than small ones. It is a very trusted platform, but it fails to offer a great selection.

Affiliate marketing is the next step ahead. Success is guaranteed if you have the talent and the patience. So, get on the trend. What are you waiting for?

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