Authority Hacker Affiliate Program: Get Up To $1000 Per Sale

We are reviewing Authority Hacker affiliate program in this post.

The Authority Hacker is a big name in online marketing training space.

The brains behind the Authority Hacker are Mark and Gael.

Many successful digital marketers have completed training from Authority Hacker.

They are also teaching content creation, keyword research, niche selection and link building for free.

Authority Hacker is mainly teaching The Authority site system (TASS) and Authority Hacker pro (AH Pro).

The Authority site system mainly talks about building an authoritative site from scratch.

You will learn how to create quality content, niche selection and link building.

Where as the Authority Hacker Pro mainly focuses on the advanced SEO, Email marketing, sales funnels etc.

So, the AH Pro is useful for the existent site owners.

You can follow this Authority hacker review to know more about the courses.

Authority Hacker

What Is Authority Hacker Affiliate Program?

There are thousands of affiliate marketing programs and Authority Hacker affiliate program is one among them.

All you have to do is recommend the Authority Hacker courses to enthusiasts.

The affiliate can refer TASS to newbies or people who are getting started.

Where as you can recommend AH Pro to experienced or established site owners.

This affiliate program is not for everyone.

They have imposed certain requirements and you should comply with them.

What Are The Requirements To Join The Authority Hacker Affiliate Program?

  • The Authority Hacker is emphasizing on quality organic traffic. According to them, your site should attract at least few thousand visitors per month.
  • The Authority Hacker is reluctant to accept new websites. While applying to the affiliate program, make sure that your site is not incomplete.
  • Authority Hacker has reservation about relevancy. They mostly accept online marketing, business blogs, self-improvement blogs, financial independence blogs, learning and development blogs.
  • Unlike other affiliate programs, the Authority Hacker don’t accept social profiles. You should have active website.
  • The Authority Hacker do not accept low quality and spammy content websites.
  • One should make at least 1 sale within 3 months from becoming Authority Hacker affiliate.

How To Get Started With This Affiliate Program?

To become Authority Hacker affiliate, go to page.

They may take at least 7 days to review your application.

Authority Hacker Affiliate Payment Info:

The affiliate commissions are made on the monthly basis.

The payment option is PayPal.

What Are The Best Features Of The Authority Hacker Affiliate Program?

  • Being an affiliate, you can earn up to 990 USD per sale.
  • You can earn recurring income until your referral stays with the Authority Hacker.
  • The Authority Hacker has over 10,000 loyal customers.
  • The courses offered by Authority Hacker are top-notch and highly converting.

What Are The Cons?

  • The new sites are not allowed to join this affiliate program.
  • The prices of the courses are very high. So, it is little difficult to convince people to enroll these courses.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

This affiliate program is ideal for websites that contain great content and attract high traffic.

However, there are other requirements like establishment and reputation.

If your website doesn’t qualify to be a part of this affiliate program, then make sure you work on the key requirements.

Join Authority Hacker affiliate program and earn up to $990 per sale!

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