6 Easy Ways to Grow Your TikTok Account

One of the fastest-growing apps used by many people of all ages is TikTok. It’s a social media platform that gives users the option to create, watch, or share 15-second videos on their personalized feeds. Due to its quirky filters, video transitions, stickers, and sound effects, this app can be a perfect place to create addictive and engaging content, start new trends, and even collaborate with other people from around the world. As of the moment, TikTok has about one billion active users worldwide. Thus, like the other social media apps, TikTok is also used as a perfect platform to market your brand or niche.

TikTok app

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But regardless of whether you’re promoting a product, service, brand, or niche, it’s hard to reach out to your target audience if you only have very few followers. But don’t worry; growing your TikTok account is actually easy, as long as you have the right strategy. Here are six easy ways you can grow your TikTok account.   

  • Optimize Your Profile

When a TikTok user encounters one of your videos and finds it interesting, the first thing they’d usually do is check your profile. Your TikTok profile picture can significantly impact the viewer’s perception and first impression of you. Thus, if you wish to boost your following count and promote your niche, use a likable profile picture. Better yet, you can use a video for your profile picture, which is even more appealing to the viewers.

Aside from your profile picture, ensure you get your profile description right. As much as possible, try to be original in describing yourself or your niche. You may seek the profiles of the influencers you like and get inspiration from them.

  • Post 4-8 Times A Day   

TikTok’s primary function is to provide endless videos for the audience. The more interesting videos a person sees, the more they get addicted to the app and scroll even more. So, one technique to help grow your account is boosting several videos a day, preferably four to eight. The more content you upload, the more likely you can reach a larger audience and eventually gain more followers. 

Meanwhile, suppose you’re only a startup account with zero or very low following count. In that case, you may also consider investing in an app growth service that will help you buy TikTok followers, widen your audience, and grow your account. With a substantial number of followers, you can continue producing videos. These followers will help boost your account by watching, liking, commenting, and sharing your videos to reach a larger audience.   

When posting videos, it’s a good idea that you produce different content related to your niche. For example, you can post a video of you dancing, giving tips, or doing something funny. Remember, your goal here is to bring more audience back to you.  

  • Always Use New Features  

TikTok always releases new features. Thus, if you see a brand-new one, use it immediately, whether it’s a new filter, sticker, or sound. When you keep using the new features, TikTok will put your content out with the top videos on the “For You” page, helping you reach more people and gain more followers.   

At the same time, it’s also ideal that you use a TikTok bot to boost your profile’s engagement rate. A TikTok bot will help your account by automatically liking, commenting, and following people who can do the same for your content and gain real and organic views, likes, and followers in return.

TikTok videos

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  • Keep Up with the Trends

The “For You” page often consists of TikTok’s latest trends. You’ll know it’s currently trending when you keep seeing the same type of content when scrolling through different videos. So, as everybody’s doing it, why not join in too? It’s your chance to be part of the trend while including your own spin or creativity to it to match your niche. Plus, putting your own stamp could also be your opportunity to go viral and gain new viewers and followers.

  • Start Your Own Trend

Aside from going with the trend, why not start your very own? You can create a trend by using your own audio, dance, tip, or any content that suits you and your niche. Then, once the TikTok influencers or prominent creators see your original content and copy it, they’ll tag you, and their thousands or millions of followers will also do the same. Ultimately, starting your own trend could be the key to making you TikTok-famous and earning money from your content.

  • Use Trending Hashtags

TikTok also uses hashtags to categorize different videos. Before using hashtags on your video, research on the trending hashtags using the discover section or a hashtag generator. Utilizing the most popular hashtags on your videos can boost the chances of your videos being featured on that hashtag’s particular page.

However, ensure you only use hashtags that have around 300,000 to 1 million views. Otherwise, using hashtags with a billion views will only mean your content will get lost and buried among other videos.

Wrapping Up

TikTok is an excellent platform to grow your following and promote your niche or brand. Although it may be easier to use than the other apps, you still need to perform the right strategies to boost your account’s growth. So, whether you’re a freshman or a seasoned TikToker, these tips can help you entice a larger audience, gain more views, and gain more followers.

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