Under Armour Affiliate Program 2023: Pros and Cons Explained

We are covering the Under Armour affiliate program in this post.

Under Armour is a well-known US based sports equipment company.

They manufacture a wide range of products like footwear, sports, accessories and casual garments.

Under armour
Image source: Under Armour

You can find various types of products suitable for men, women and kids.

It was started in 1996 and now they have offices across the world.

What is Under Armour Affiliate Program?

Just like any other affiliate program, you will get rewarded for bringing customers to Under Armour.

The cookie period set by Under Armour is 30 days. When someone makes a sale within 30 days from clicking your affiliate link, you will receive the commission.

To become Under Armour affiliate, go to https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/t/ua-affiliate-programs.html page.

After submitting your application, the Under Armour team will review your account.

Usually they check your website niche, content and traffic.

If you satisfy these metrics, then there are higher chances of getting approved.

What are The Terms and Conditions for Under Armour Affiliates?

  • You should not run PPC campaigns without getting permission from the Under Armour team. Only approved affiliates are allowed to run PPC campaigns. Generally, they do not accept using their brand names while running campaigns. Brand bidding is prohibited.
  • Your commission will be deducted if a customer returns the product or gets the refund.
  • The commissions will not be applicable for Gift cards and ArmourBox.
  • You must use only Under Armour approved creatives. Of course, you can request customized creative.

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How Can You Promote Under Armour Products?

  • Place creatives on your website so that users click and buy the products.
  • Writing reviews about different Under Armour products and optimizing them can help in grabbing leads.
  • Promote products on your social media profiles, pages and groups to reach a broader audience.
  • Make YouTube videos about Under Armour products. Never forget to share your affiliate links.
  • Build relevant connections and send periodic newsletters about Under Armour products to them.

What are The Under Armour Affiliate Commission Rates?

The average commission rate is 5%.

There is no limit to earning commissions.

You can refer as many customers as you like.

What Are the Best Features of Under Armour Affiliate Program?

  • Generally, the affiliate programs will not allow self-referrals. That means being an affiliate, you cannot earn commission when you click on your affiliate link and buy a product. But, Under Armour happily pays you commission when you use your own affiliate link to purchase a product.
  • The average order size is $100.
  • The affiliates can track revenue and conversions in real-time.
  • Being an affiliate, you will have access to banners, buttons and text links that are updated on a monthly basis.
  • You will receive periodic newsletters from Under Armour about new products and promotions.

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What Are the Cons?

  • At the time of writing this article, Under Armour collaborated with Awin for their affiliate program. You should pay $5 to join Awin. Of course, Awin claims that they will return this joining fee along with the first payment. But what if an affiliate does not reach the threshold or loses interest in Awin? They won’t be refunding the joining fee in this case.
  • The commission rates are very low. You cannot make much earnings with this affiliate program. Even if you run PPC campaigns, the success rate is pretty low. You can run ad campaigns when the commission rate is a little higher.

What Is the Final Conclusion?

Under Armour affiliate program is ideal for lifestyle, sports, fashion and clothing niches.

Even though this affiliate program is legit, you cannot earn much as the commission rate is very low.

If you are planning to promote Under Armour products along with many others, then it is fine.

Have you worked with the Under Armour as an affiliate?

We would like to hear about your work experience.

We hope this Under Armour affiliate program review helps the affiliates.

Join the Under Armour affiliate program and start earning a decent income!

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