Is Clicksfly the Best URL Shortener? Honest Review (2023)

Today we are going to talk about Clicksfly URL shortener in this post.

When site owners were struggling with AdSense’s approval and advertising, URL shortening was a big game changer when it came to monetization.

URL shortening had opened the gates for many bloggers, site owners, webmasters, and Internet marketers.

We seriously need URL shorteners otherwise the affiliate links or lengthy links will look ugly.

The people will be reluctant to open such links.

URL shorteners will shorten those lengthy links and make it attractive so that users show interest to click on them.

Remember 2 facts: 1. Not all URL shorteners will be going to pay. 2. Not all shorteners will stay for a longer time.

Clicksfly URL shortener network tackles the above two things efficiently.

It absolutely pays people globally and it is committed to stay for longer.

Clicksfly is in the URL shortening space from 2017.

It is one of the best URL shorteners.

How To Get Started with Clicksfly?

The process is very simple.

Go to and open the register page.

Clicksfly signup

Once you sign up successfully, you will have access to your account’s dashboard.

You can shorten any link by using the New Shorten Link option.

Clicksfly new shorten link

The next thing is tracking statistics.

Clicksfly statistics

You can track the total views, total earnings, referral earnings and average CPM using the Statistics section.

Views count: Clicksfly will count the number of views per IP address within 24 hours. This count shows how many active advertisers are serving ads. The maximum view count can be increased in future.

Clicksfly Health:
This feature is based on the fund availability. When the Blockchain BTC balance covers the expenses for 180 days, the Clicksfly health will be 100%. It may change depending on the BTC balance.

clicksfly health

Ad/Revenue Setting:

You will have access to 5 plans namely: High, Minimum, Low, Faucet and PUSHxBeta.

High: To earn 100% revenue percentage, you should subscribe to it.

Clicksfly high

Minimum: This option is suitable for the members who opt for 60% revenue percentage.

clicksfly minimum

Low: Select this option if you opt for 20% revenue percentage. This type of plan is suitable for those who want to show limited ads to the people.

clicksfly low

Till now, you have seen basic ad settings where you can earn low, medium, and high earnings.

Now, you will be setting up advanced plans.

Faucet: The CPM price ($3.05) is fixed when you choose the option. This plan works only for Faucet Crypto & Ad Surfing publishers.

clicksfly faucet

PUSHxBeta: This option is used for push notifications. The revenue share in this plan is 110% revenue percentage.

clicksfly pushxbeta

Note: The default revenue setting for any registered user is High. You can enjoy high CPM rates from this plan.

Manage Links: In this section, you can see all the links shortened by you. You can also hide the active links.


  • Quick Link
  • Mass Shrinker
  • Full Page Script
  • Developers API
  • Bookmarklet


In this section, you can select different sizes of referral banners and referrals list.

How Does the Clicksfly Work?

Before shortening a link, you should firstly join the Clicksfly

You might have published a blog post or uploaded a video.

In some cases, you want to promote an affiliate link.

Just like any shortening network, you need to shrink the long URL.

After shrinking it, share the shortened link with your friends, colleagues, subscribers, or acquaintances.

Say for example, I shortened one of my article links using Clicksfly, the shrinked link looks like

When I share this shortened link with my followers on social media or subscribers, they will click it to read my article.

After clicking on the link, it will be redirected to a new page where the user must undergo the captcha test.

In the meanwhile, the ad will be shown to the user and eventually you will get paid.

As long as the matching ad gets served, you will always be paid.

What Type of Traffic Is Accepted by Clicksfly?

The following types of traffic are allowed:

  • Faucet
  • Adult
  • Torrent
  • URL loop
  • Popup

Note: The other shorteners traffic is accepted only when the quality score is above 75 percent and has legit traffic.

What Type of Traffic Is Unacceptable?

The following types of traffic are not allowed:

  • Proxy
  • Bot
  • Child porn links

Note: You should not click on your own links to make money.

When And How Will You Get Paid?

The payments will be made on a request basis.

The threshold payment and methods are as follows:

Clicksfly withdraw method

Sometimes the payments may be delayed but they are committed to paying for the genuine activities.

But it totally depends on the payment method you choose.

Even though this URL shortening network had experienced hurdles in the past, they were successful in paying every legit user.

Payment Proofs

Please find out the following payment proofs paid by Clicksfly:

Clicksfly payment proof UPI Clicksfly payment proof


What Are the Best Features of Clicksfly URL Shortener?

  • Traffic quality score: Clicksfly had come up with an innovative concept where they will determine the quality of the traffic you send to view ads. If your traffic quality score is more than 80%, then the CPM rates would be comparatively high.

Clicksfly traffic quality


  • Clicksfly accepts adult traffic with some conditions.
  • The CPM rates range from $0.1000 to $20.0000 for Desktop and Mobile/Tablet traffic.
  • Referral program: You can earn additional income by referring others. The commission rate is 20%. You can earn commissions for a lifetime.
  • The registered members can change the ad setting right from the dashboard to earn high revenue.
  • Being a member, you can track the performance in real-time.
  • You will get paid on time. If you have any payment issues or queries, then you can always reach their support team.
  • The support team is highly supportive and they are available on Skype and Email.


  • The overuse of ads may annoy the visitors. If you are a serious blogger, then using Minimum and Low plans will be safe.

What Is the Conclusion?

Clicksfly is undoubtedly one of the best URL shorteners.

The referral program is attractive too.

Have you been a member of this shortening network?

We would love to hear about your work experience.

We hope this Clicksfly review helps people in making money by shortening links.

Join Clicksfly and start making money!

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