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Exit junction review
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Exit Junction Review

Last week while I wexitjunctionas searching for better Adsense alternatives I found a network called Exit Junction. I couldn’t stop myself from researching on this advertising program. So I’ve come up with a comprehensive review. Unlike mainstream contextual advertising visitors won’t experience ads on the sites. It might sound strange. Yes, you’d heard it right. Exit Junction ads works according to the publisher’s site bounce rate.

Most of the times users might be interested in single topic. For instance one could search for “Superlinks review” and may find Way2earning’s review of Superlinks result on first page of Google. The visitor might be interested in only “Superlinks review” and may go back to Google once he/she finished reading the article. This outcome results in increase of bounce rate. Sometimes users may not find the article interesting and come back to search engine immediately. Here Exit Junction ads functions here.

The visitors would encounter Exit junction sponsored ads in place of Google search results page. This is a great innovative way to monetize exit traffic coming from search engines. The best part of Exit Junction is that their ads are very much relevant to visitors keywords. When user clicks on any keyword on the sponsored results page publisher get paid. Exit Junction handles international traffic and publishers get paid for every click from any part of the world.


1. Exit Junction approves publishers sites easily.

2. High CTR

3. Unlike other advertising network ads visitors don’t get distracted with flashy ads or banners.

4. Publishers can use Exit Junction ads along with other advertising networks like Adsense and Infolinks.

5. One could make money even with exit traffic. It helps to boost the earnings.

6. No space is getting wasted to show Exit Junction ads.

7. Non-English sites could join Exit Junction program.


1. The biggest drawback of Exit Junction is that it works only when visitors comes from search engines.

2. If the site has huge traffic and low bounce rate then probably it’s not going to work.

3. Exit Junction publishers don’t have any control on ads.

4. Some users may get annoyed to see Exit Junction search results page in place of Google search.


The minimum threshold payout is $50. Publishers get paid via PayPal, Check or Wire transfer on Net 45 basis. If a publisher doesn’t reach the minimum payment, earnings would be rolled to the next month.

Referral Program

Exit Junction publishers could make extra income with their affiliate program. Publishers get 10% of the referrals earnings.

Conclusion of Exit Junction

Webmasters could use ExitJunction.com to boost up their earnings along with display advertising and in-text advertising. Have a try only if your site attracts decent organic traffic.

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Suresh is author and owner of way2earning.com. He loves to help people by teaching the ways to make money online with advertising and affiliate programs. He is also passionate about technology and love to write reviews.

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