Brand or Rebrand Your Business Today

Branding your new business is one of the most important steps that you can take. Launching a brand name with an identifiable logo and slogan helps customers and clients identify your company in a split second. When you see cursive white writing against a bright red background, you immediately think of Coca-Cola, and when you see an HP logo inside a small oval, you think of Hewlett-Packard. Companies with an identifiable brand reach more people and experience higher sales each year. Once you decide on a brand, you need to understand what happens next, which is why you want to work with professionals.

Not Just for Corporations

The problem with branding is that many people think it’s something that only applies to large corporations and companies. If you own even one single business, you need to know how to create your brand and get your brand out into the world. Hospitals and medical professionals, those working in the hospitality industry, retail stores, colleges and restaurants all need a brand. Howard Johnson used bright orange roofs to help people identify their hotels from the highway, and McDonald’s became known for its golden arches. Those companies owe their success to their branding.

Is it Time to Rebrand?

Many business owners think of rebranding as a last resort. They worry that customers won’t know their new logo and that they’ll lose business. The truth is that rebranding can help you update your old logo and bring in new customers. Chili’s rebranded itself with a new logo that showed a bright red chili pepper that was similar to the company’s old logo. Sticking close to the old logo let the company update itself for new customers without repelling its old customers. Updating your old or tired logo can help you gain more customers.

Where to Turn for Help

This website offers a number of helpful tips and information for those interested in creating a brand or rebranding a business. Priority Service is a company owned and operated by its employees, and those employees have years of experience in the signage and branding profession. In addition to knowing how to brand your company, you also need to understand where to place your signs, the types of signs to use and how various signs can impact your bottom line. When you work with a professional company, you’ll gain the insight and understanding that you need for your brand.

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