Printing Statements for Every Customer on Every Account

When a business needs help with document outsourcing, it needs to invest in statement printing that will help it manage every account. There are several ways to present statements to customers, and the software allows the business to give each customer the information they need about their account.

The Traditional Statement

Traditional statements are mailed to customers or faxed to their office. When the paper statements are created with the company logo, they can be placed in the mail by the printing company. Also, the printing company can fax these items to customers. The statements can be sent directly from the printing company, and they will allow every customer to get a statement at just the moment they need it.

The Electronic Statement

The electronic statement can be created but never printed. The printing company can send out these statements on behalf of the business, and they can be sent on a regular schedule. Every customer can choose when to get their statements, or the business can choose to send out their statements in regular intervals.

These electronic statements look just like the printed versions, but these statements are kept in the server of the printing company. They send these statements to the business for review, and the business can save them for future reference. These statements are easy to fax through an online fax service, email or to send to a company’s server.

The Formatting

The business chooses the formatting for their own statements, and the printing company handles the creation of these statements. These statements are made beautiful before they are sent out to customers, and the client does not have to worry about these statements. When the client is not worried about printing and sending statements, they can focus on the core of their business.

Every business that simply does not have time to print statements should work with a document outsourcing company. These outsourcing companies handle the creation, printing and sending of all the documents. These documents are handled by a third party so that the business has time to manage other things.

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