MyAdMarket vs other ad serving platforms : Review

The webmasters and bloggers use advertising to monetize their traffic. The backbone behind it is ad server platform. The ad server company provides the technology to run ad campaigns. The advertisers can choose the best ads and frequently track the ads performance. In the same way publishers benefit from choosing best and fast loading ads. The ads performance solely depend on the ad server platform you choose.  Let us see the top 5 ad serving platforms that are doing good. Among all the ad serving platforms MyAdMarket is highly recommendable.

1. MyAdMarket:

MyAdMarket is a reliable ad serving platform based in Canada. It is a part of  prestigious Yesup Media Inc. Their clients list include ad networks like Popisle, CPAinventory and many more. This platform provides technology, tools and security to advertisers, affiliates and ad networks. The best thing is the ad networks or affiliate agencies can track their performance and finances real time. Apart from it they can optimize the inventory to match their requirements. The inventory is highly targeted and responsive.

Why ad networks, advertisers and affiliate agencies must go with MyAdMarket

  • Cost Per X-Metrics

The advertisers/ad networks/affiliates can combine cost metrics to run campaigns. This is an innovative technology in providing cost metrics suitable to the campaigns. It is a win-win situation for both advertiser and publisher.

  • Ad Media Exchange

The advertisers and ad networks can straightaway build relationships with other networks using this platform. For instance you could buy traffic from other ad network.

  • Traffic Quality Index

This technology quickly detect unwanted or fake traffic. Then it simply rate points for traffic based on quality. This way advertisers and ad networks can know the exact conversions. The conversions happen only with potential traffic.

  • Low prices

MyAdMarket is offering 1 month free trial for all affiliates, ad networks and advertisers. For best prices one must contact their support team.

Join this ad serving platform

2.DFP Small Business

DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP ) is a popular ad serving platform owned by Google. The publishers can buy and sell ad inventory using this platform. Doubleclick offers their services for free. The publishers can use Adsense ads along with the other inventory. So there is no need to worry about fill rates. The major disadvantage of this ad serving platform is that they only accept Google Adsense publishers. The Adsense banned or disapproved publishers can’t join DFP. It also lacks in better customer support.

3.  OpenX

OpenX was free for many years and they started charging publishers. This ad serving platform is ideal for large publishers. The prices are very higher when compared to other ad platforms. The major complaint from ad networks and advertisers is that the documentation is not clear and the user interface is not friendly. Only higher end advertisers can understand the functionalities. They have come up again with new ad serving platform named Revive.

4. Adzerk

Many large agencies having good technical staff prefer Adzerk ad serving platform. The monthly costs ranges from $1000 to $8000. So if you are a big advertiser you can go with Adzerk platform. Many sites like Stack Exchange, BitTorrent and Reddit uses Adzerk’s API and ad serving technology.

5. Adbutler

Adbutler is serving several ad networks and affiliate agencies since 1999. This ad serving platform has a huge list of reputable clients like Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. It can integrate with other platforms like DFP and OpenX. It has all necessary technologies from optimization to tracking performance in real time. The main drawback of this ad platform is that it doesn’t have proprietary ad exchange.

Final Conclusion

Among all ad serving platforms MyAdMarket is worth to try for best results. The advertisers/affiliates/ad networks must give it a try to this ad serving platform. Hope this MyAdMarket and other ad serving platforms review help others to get started.

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