BeerMoneyForum Review : Get Paid For Participation

BeerMoneyForum a.k.a BMF is a forum where you get paid for participation. It could be anything like starting a discussion, responding or commenting. It is very similar to MyLot concept. Earlier I interviewed Mr.Daniel of BeerMoneyForum on way2earning and hope you all guys have read it. If you didn’t read then here is the Interview link.

How Does BeerMoneyForum Work?

Generally forums help webmasters, bloggers, newbies, freelancers and affiliate marketers in gaining knowledge.  Here in the case of BeerMoneyForum you gain knowledge along with money. BeerMoneyForum covers many sections like legit networks, affiliate marketing, online ad networks, URL shorteners, PTC websites, payment proofs and many more. The members in this forum are extremely helpful and friendly. But, if you break the rules then the same members will ruthlessly report to admin and eventually you will lose BMF coins.

BeerMoneyForum Rules

  • You lose all your earnings if you don’t login at least once in a month.
  • You are allowed to post 5 posts + 5 threads per hour. You have to wait for at least one hour if you exceed the posting limits.
  • You don’t get paid if you post in these sections: The BMF Office, Introductions, General Chat, Support & Announcements and Marketplace.
  • The members must maintain quality while posting in the BeerMoneyForum forum.
  • BMF will ban you for spam and duplicate posting. You will lose BMF coins for posting one reply after another.

What Are The Ways To Earn In BeerMoneyForum?

  • Earn 1000 BMF Coins per Referral
  • Earn up to 30 BMF Coins per new thread {min 100 characters}
  • Earn up to 25 BMF Coins per new reply {min 100 characters}
  • Lock tutorials, people must pay X BMF Coins for access
  • Earn Up to 25 BMF Coins for Daily login your BMF account
  • Earn Up to 5 BMF Coins When Someone LIKES your Posts

Source : BeerMoneyForum

How Do You Get Paid in BeerMoneyForum?

Unlike ad networks you don’t get paid directly in currency. BeerMoneyForum has a unique coin system where you get paid in BMF coins. You can redeem these coins for PayPal. The value of 1000 BMF coins is $1. The threshold payout starts from $1. Once you reach the minimum payout you can request the payment. However they have typical idea when it comes to payment. You need to check the minimum payout poll every time you ask for payment. What does it mean? You must select the minimum payout having maximum votes. For instance if you reached $1 and the maximum votes are for $10 then you can’t request payout. You have to wait until you reach $10. So the best solution is to wait for $10. But, PayPal’s transaction fee is higher for $10 compared to $1. You can also donate your BMF coins to other members in the community. So redeem BMF coins for PayPal you must first donate all your coins in the wallet to administrator. Please find the image below. The user name of administrator is Mr.B and I wrote 10,000 in the amount field. The amount is the total coins available in your wallet. In the Message field you must write your PayPal address. For security reasons I haven’t given my PayPal address in this example. Once you tap save button the admin will receive your coins and send the equivalent money to your PayPal address. BMF Donate

Generally the members would get paid on Net 30 basis. But, the old members can receive their payments within 24 hours after reaching threshold.

BeerMoneyForum Referral Program

BeerMoneyForum offers referral program to all the members. The members can earn extra points referring valid referral. The valid referral has to post at least 100 posts in the forum. Once the validity of referral gets confirmed, you get 1000 BMF coins. You can find creatives in the Referrals section to promote BMF.

Best Features Of BeerMoneyForum

  • Helpful community
  • Legit or scam posts
  • Low threshold
  • Timely payments
  • Prompt and best support

BeerMoneyForum Cons

  • The non PayPal members can’t receive money.
  • You will lose BMF coins for liking others discussions and starting business threads.
  • The members have to login on BMF at least once in a month. The inactive members will lose BMF coins completely.
  • You can’t delete your own post. You need to contact admin for it.
  • There is a section of ruthless members who always try to find mistakes in others and report it to admin.

Final Conclusion

BeerMoneyForum is a best knowledge place for newbies. You’ll start loving this forum after few discussions. The members who had earned money from this forum can share their payment proof here. I would love to hear feedback from you. Hope this BeerMoneyForum review help people to get started.

Join Beer Money Forum, Keep Participating And Start Making Money

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