Arbitao Review : Fully Automated Arbitrage Trading Exchange

Arbitao is offering fully automated arbitrage solution to cryptocurrency traders. So what does it mean? Initially traders or investors lost heavy money by choosing wrong exchanges. So Arbitao has come up with a brilliant tool to combat loss. So, being an investor you don’t need to panic about the wrong choices. This arbitrage tool automatically chooses the high price exchange among all exchanges. For instance an investor has bought cryptocurrency at lower rate from an exchange. He immediately wants to sell it for profit. He doesn’t need to search for the exchanges offering higher prices. There is a chance to lose it. So, when it comes to Arbitao, it automatically sells it for higher price. This tool is completely reliable, transparent, well-managed and highly secured. This decentralized product is built with Blockchain technology. At the time of this writing, this platform is working with 19 major cryptocurrency exchanges. Launched in 2017, many crypto traders around the world have tried this platform. The main goal of Arbitao is to satisfy crypto investors by offering best trading experience.

The best thing is they have their own cryptocurrency called ATAO or Arbitao Coin. ATAO uses proof of stake algorithm. To buy or sell ATAO or Arbitao coin you need to join Arbitao’s ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ). The investment you make in ATAO attracts low risk and high returns. Apart from investments the traders can also mine ATAO , stake coins, refer other traders and make commissions. There are no restrictions for staking. Anyone can earn commissions by validating transactions. To participate in staking you must top up your Arbitao core wallet with some Arbitao coins. This process is called Proof of staking mining.

Arbitrage Trading Pools

Arbitao is offering 4 types of trading pools for investors : Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These pools are categorized according to investment, duration and rate of interest.

Affiliate Program

To participate in Arbitao’s affiliate program, one must invest in at least one trading pool. Being an affiliate, you must not participate in ICO on your own. You can benefit from 3 levels of commissions. You get paid when your referred member either invest ATAO in any of the pool or purchases ATAO through ICO. While coming to commissions, you can earn 9% in Level 1, 6% in Level 2 and 3% in Level 3.

Bounty program

Arbitao is encouraging people to earn ATAO coins through their bounty program. So, these are the following places where you can tell others about Arbitao :

  • Telegram group
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Bitcointalk
  • Blogpost

The more people you refer to Arbitao, the more you can earn ATAO coins.

Best Features Of Arbitao Arbitrage Cryptocurrency Platform

  • Fully automated arbitrage tool
  • Fit for all types of investors : Small or big
  • Low transaction fee
  • Higher returns
  • Mining opportunity for traders
  • Live arbitrage on website
  • Very well secured platform : Traders or investors don’t need to worry about privacy and security.
  • Bounty rewards : Arbitao will top up some ATAO coins in your dashboard on weekly basis.
  • Referral system

Contact Info

  • Press E-Mail : [email protected]
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Telegram:
  • Telegram Group:

Final Conclusion

Arbitao is a one stop solution for all crypto investors or traders. You can earn great commissions by  investing, trading, mining, staking and referring. It’s an absolutely hassle free process to trade without losing. The bounty system is really lucrative and people must take advantage of it. Hope this Arbitao review help people to get started.

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