The Ultimate Social Media Tips That Boost Your Blog

Social media can define the success of your blog in a number of ways. Previously, the trick to blogging success was blogging on a daily basis. While there was potential to grow your writing through such a strategy, it became outdated as new technology and social media tactics showed up. Today, all that has changed, you no longer have to dwell on email lists as a way of capturing more blog traffic.

Previously, the number of years that a blog was existence determined its credibility. Today, a blog can be two hours old and captivate thousands of customers. The only old adage that remains true is that content is still king. You cannot post irrelevant and empty content hoping to grow your blog into an authority one. If you incorporate social media tricks into a blog with useful content, it will round up the success of the blog.

Even though you have spent hundreds of hours putting together a blog, there are no guarantees that it will resonate with the intended audience. However, a good choice of social media platforms, track my shares, optimization, and some social share buttons will render your blog into a hub of activity.

Using Social Media to Boost Your Traffic

Social media can work the magic for your new blog, but under some conditions. You need to create content that influencers are willing to share on your behalf. There are cardinal rules to observe and secrets that will make your blog notable in no time.

If you are on a given niche and your content quality is great, consider adding a tweet or a Facebook button. You need to have a Facebook page dedicated towards your blog. Users can use these buttons or links to access and find solutions they are looking for niche specific problems. With time, these users will share the content with thousands of other users on their networks. It won’t take long for your blog to be a point of reference in your industry.

Social Bookmarking Sites and Sharing Sites

Social bookmarking sites and sharing sites are a blessing in disguise for your blog. Other people can use them to promote your blog. However, you need to be careful since there are sites that will censor your blog, if there are too many post shares from the same source. Remember to connect the blog with a social powered comments platform or forum.

Social media success calls for quality and a wow factor in anything you create for your blog.  For these platforms return good tidings back to your blog, write something that the masses want to hear and act upon. Remember, there are many – in fact thousands of competing blogs on the same niche. It’s too late to play safe and you need to bend some rules to create attention.

Social media and hashtags are like fuel and fire. You need to use trending and branded hashtags across your chosen platforms. It’s never too difficult to discover the trending hashtag around your brand or business. You can leverage tools that enable you to keep track of these hashtags.

On social media, your competitors can be the reason why your blog is yet to make a mark. Check out who top of the cream bloggers are and have been doing to get to the top. There should be a pattern, and you should strive to find out the tricks they use to create killer content.

Schedule Your Posts

Social media is the perfect platform you can rely on to launch your blog cost free. You need to sacrifice time to keep up with new trends. However, you need to set a fixed amount of time to schedule your posts. Don’t do it haphazardly or you will hurt your prospects if you are not consistent. If it’s too complex, the social media arena is awash with content scheduling tools that streamline such tasks.

If you expect social media to boost your blogging efforts, it’s advisable that you drop the self-centered notion that the blog is all about you. You are posting your content to engage your audience, while solving their problems. Importantly, you need your audience to reciprocate meaning you need to answer queries, offer solutions and interact with your audience in a friendly manner.

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