Adovr Review : Popunder Advertising Network

Adovr is a popunder ad network, where publishers can make money monetizing websites and advertisers can promote their products. The revenue models of this network are CPM and pop. Being an Adovr publisher, you can earn for every click.

How To Join Adovr Popunder Ad Network?

Go to Adovr signup page and register yourself. You just need E-mail and password for registration. Once you verify E-Mail, login into Adovr dashboard, place ad code on your header or footer to show ads. The publisher will earn money for every valid click.

Rules For Publishers :

The websites of the publishers must not :

  • Contain objectionable content like Spam, malware, adware etc.
  • Host copyrighted content.

The publishers must not :

  • Use bots, PTC websites, traffic exchanges and auto refreshing websites to generate traffic.
  • Ask visitors for clicking or viewing ads.
  • Create multiple accounts.
Adovr will thoroughly monitor the activities of publishers. You will get paid for only valid clicks.

Payment Info :

Adovr will pay its publishers on daily basis. You must reach at least $10 to withdraw funds. The payment options are PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney and Wire transfer.

What Are The Best Features Of Adovr Popunder Ad Network?

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Adovr network allows both adult and non adult niches.
  • The Adovr ads are designed to overcome ad blockers.
  • Being a publisher, you can enjoy high CPM rates.
  • The Adovr publishers will receive daily payments.
  • Low threshold payout
  • Timely payments : The publishers will receive earnings on time.
  • Real time stats : The publishers can track clicks, conversions and revenue in real time.
  • Dedicated support via chat.

Final Conclusion :

The publishers or advertisers must give a try to Adovr popunder ad network. If you had a worked with Adovr popunder ad network, then please share your experiences in the comment section. Hope this Adovr review help publishers and advertisers to get started.

Latest Update : Unknownads is now Adovr

Join Adovr Popunder Advertising Network And Start Making Money !

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