Four Tips for Successful Business Email Etiquette


In a society that has become increasingly digital, the business world is no exception. From complex PowerPoint presentations to global, high-definition video conferences, professional communication is an ever-evolving, tech-savvy game.

In the professional world, sending an email is the most frequent form of communication. In fact, there are many coworkers who will share an office environment and wind up communicating more via email, messenger, or the phone than they do face to face.

As emails are so common, their etiquette is at times overlooked, but it is incredibly important to pay them proper attention. Emails are an integral part of a modern business. Here, we will explore four best practices for effective and professional email etiquette.

1. Select the Perfect Email Service

The very first step to sending a perfect professional email is selecting where it is coming from. Extensive email service options are available, so it is important to choose the plan that works best for your type of business.

Many large businesses appreciate the in-depth features of Microsoft Office 365, but G Suite certainly offers an interesting alternative. The pricing of these two options is quite similar but can vary based on your business type and overall goals. Microsoft Office 365 offers a lot more cloud storage, but G Suite provides truly unlimited email-specific storage.

In the end, it all comes down to specific business needs. More information about selecting the right email service for your business can be found here.

2. Craft the Perfect Subject Line

Once your business has established the right provider, it is time to write that message. Think about the subject line carefully and aim to title all professional emails in a way that the receiver will immediately know what the message is regarding. For example, if an email is in regard to preparing for an upcoming meeting, make sure to mention the meeting name in the subject line.

Your subject line should be short but also informative. Avoid long sentences, as the reader may not even see the whole title (especially when checking their messages on a mobile device). And of course, do not leave the subject line blank.

3. Be Conversational

Business emails can still be professional while having a conversational tone. Use proper English but keep your words approachable and relatable. “Hello” is a very effective greeting in a professional email, and it is certainly something you would also say in everyday conversation.

While it is wise to be conversational, avoid being too casual. For example, beginning an email with “Hey” would not be wise for professional communication.

4. Leave Your Mark

Think of your email signature as the digital version of your business card. Creating the perfect signature provides a smart, effective way to conclude each email you send.

Make sure that your signature is included both in new messages and replies, as it is always a good idea to conclude with your contact information. Ensure that the signature has your proper contact information. This includes your name, professional title, company name, email address, and phone number. Depending on your line of work, it can also sometimes be helpful to include an office address and/or mailing address. A perfect signature ensure that your email ends in a professional manner.

In Summary :

Prioritizing effective, professional email etiquette is an outstanding way for businesses to improve their overall communications. By selecting the right provider, making wise choices with subject lines, offering conversational content, and finishing with a perfect signature, proper email etiquette can easily be achieved. From internal memos to external client relations, crafting the perfect email sets business professionals up for success. Our final tip? Always proofread before hitting “send.”

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