Instagram for Small Retail Business

Instagram has proved to be the most effective and successful social media among all the other social media networks. Instagram has been the most effective media for doing small retail business. You can increase your sales and present your products in a more meaningful way. Instagram is giving you opportunities to do a small retail business successfully. You can establish your own small retail business. What you have to do is to use the Instagram Automation tools in a meaningful and effective way. First of all, set the goal in your mind of how you will start a small retail business and build your brand in a creative way. How to grow your following on your business profile and how creatively you use the Instagram ads.

1- Show Your Product is Useful:

Show the world that your product is very useful and creative. Show people how people can use your product in daily life. You can make a collage of pictures of your product and upload it on your story as stories are a great way to engage people. If you are a good video creator, then make the video of your product and show people how you can use the product. You may also take advantage of anonymous story viewers to research what type of content top Instagramer posts. Tell people in the video how you can open the product and use it. For example, if you have a business of Instant geyser, then show people how to fix the geyser in your home and also how you can use it, whether you can fix it indoor or outdoor.

2- Sell Digital Products:

Selling digital products is also a useful way to promote your business. As social media especially the Instagram is the Digital Market place for the businessmen. You can sell digital items such as eBooks or printable on Instagram. You can expand your online Revenue Stream by selling digital products. Instagram has become the platform for all the digital products to be easily presentable to people.

3- Reward Your Followers or engage them Through Quiz:

The basic thing to grow your followers and get higher engagement rates is to reward your followers. You can also engage your customers by throwing a quiz in which you can ask a question about your old and latest products. In the end, reward the winners by giving them special prizes in which you can give them your product as a gift. Also, you can post a question about your product along with the high-quality photo of your product. As we all know that questioning is a great way to draw the attention of the followers towards your product.

4- Instagram Influencer Marketing:

To grow your brand or small retail business, a large number of businessmen take help from Instagram influencers as most of the business success depends on the influencers. Now the question is what influencers do for your business? They help you in getting new customers and also influence the old customers to buy more of your products. Influencers do the recommendations influencing people that your that particular product is very useful and handy. Influencers are also helpful in promoting the latest products. In this way, you can engage your customers and grow your following. Now Instagram has become a market place for your small retail business where you can do the maximum sales and also show your products as a more useful and creative thing in the world.

5- Use the Editing Tools to Make Your Photos More Appealing:

There are many editing tools available on Instagram with the help of which you can edit your images and make them more attractive and appealing. The brand’s color scheme also matter. Make sure that the brand logo should be of beautiful colors. I usually observe while going through different accounts that blue colored pictures got higher engagement rates than the red colored pictures. Make use of editing tools available on Instagram and use the beautiful and bright colors that suit your brand. You can also take help from the built-in Instagram features. The editing tools that can make your photos more eye-catching are VSCO and The 32 Best Photo Apps.

6- Follow the 20/80 rule of Selling:

20/80 rule of selling means that 20% of your posts are based on selling your products and remaining 80% of the posts consist of quality content that will be helpful in getting the higher engagement rates. Don’t post too much about selling the products. Your followers will ultimately get bored of these type of promotional posts and then they start unfollowing you. So to avoid this, keep in mind the 20/80 rule, so that your business profile and products will be a mark of attraction for your followers.

7- Instagram Tools to Expand Your Business:

There are so many tools available on Instagram with the help of which you can improve your marketing strategy. When you start your business profile on Instagram, it is impossible to get a higher number of likes on your posts. Likegrowers is the tool which can give you instant likes on your posts. It is a tool from which you can buy organic likes. Thus, more people will follow you when they see the maximum number of likes on your posts. You can also use the tracking tools to measure the success rate of your business. True Social Metrics is a tool for tracking social data. Social Media Examiner’s 3 is also an Instagram Analytics Tool for Marketers. It is of great worth that gives you analytics of your posts.

Final Words:

Instagram is considered to be the most versatile and popular media for growing the small retail business. A business profile is needed to grow your business on Instagram. Use of the quality and unique hashtags give your posts more popularity and people get familiar with your products. The use of the quality photos and videos of your products make your business more successful and you also get higher engagement rates. A clear description of your business in your profile also makes your business known by the people.

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