ClickAdilla Review : Self Serve Ad Network

The ClickAdilla is a self serve advertising network. That means the technology behind them is real time bidding. If you look at online ad networks, they are almost going for RTB. When I was told to look at this network, there are many reviews about it. They run both mainstream and adult campaigns. The revenue models of this network are CPC and CPM.

How Can The Publishers Join The ClickAdilla?

I thought of trying their publisher program. But, their page is not working presently. If you are interested to join as a publisher, then you must signup from the Tube corporate. The Tube Corporate is their parent company. Many days ago I reviewed their publisher program and here is the link.

How Can The Advertisers Join The ClickAdilla?

Being an advertiser, you must go to this sign up page and fill all the fields. Once you register it, you get the instant approval. There is no waiting time like other ad networks. After the E-Mail verification, you can straightaway set up the campaign.

What Are The Ad Formats?

The ad formats of the ClickAdilla are as follows :

  • Popunder
  • Banner – 300×250, 728×90 and 300×210.
  • Native ad
  • Web-push
  • In-stream

What Are The Payment Options?

The minimum payment or deposit is $50. The payment options are Credit card, Paxum, Bitcoin, ePayments, Wire transfer and Webmoney. However the deposit will vary with the payment options.

Do You Have The Referral Program?

The ClickAdilla has a referral program. You will earn the 5% commission from the advertiser’s budget.

What Are The Best Features Of The ClickAdilla?

  • RTB technology
  • Multiple payment options
  • Real time reporting system
  • API
  • Dedicated support

How To Reach The Support Team?

E-mail: [email protected]

Skype: [email protected]

What Is The Final Conclusion?

This ad network is ideal for Mainstream and adult campaigns. The advertisers and publishers can share their experiences. Hope you love this ClickAdilla review.

Give a try to the ClickAdilla!!!

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  1. Hi, How do I get my campaign approved over clickadilla? Any tips? They seem to reject each and every landing page I submit on the basis of suspicious activity.

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