SoftwareSuggest Affiliate Program : Join And Earn Cash

I am going to talk about the SoftwareSuggest affiliate program in this post. But, let me tell you a bit about this company first. The SoftwareSuggest is a company that helps businesses in finding the right software. Coming to their affiliate program, it is really gainful.

How Can You Join The SoftwareSuggest Affiliate Program?

For joining as an affiliate, go to this page, fill all the fields and submit. This affiliate program is managed by the Firstpromoter. If you are an existing user, then you can directly sign in. Once you submit the application, you will get the instant access to the dashboard. The best part is that your account gets credited with $2. It is a sign up bonus.

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How Can You Promote The SoftwareSuggest?

  • Write a blog post or newsletter and give the referral link within the article. Share with your friends and subscribers. When someone clicks on the link and takes action, you get paid.
  • If you own a YouTube channel, then create a video about the SoftwareSuggest. Do not forget to leave your affiliate link in the description.
  • You can share your affiliate link on your social media accounts. From the dashboard, you can directly share it on Facebook and Twitter.

The cookie period is 60 days. So, anyone who clicks on the link and takes action within 60 days, you will get paid. Once you refer a lead, the SoftwareSuggest team verify the authenticity. The SoftwareSuggest doesn’t allow self referrals.

How Much Can You Earn?

The revenue model of the SoftwareSuggest affiliate program is CPL i.e. cost per lead. You will earn flat $10 from every lead you refer. The more you refer, the more you can earn.

How Will You Get Paid?

The payments will be made very month. You must reach at least $100 for receiving the payment. If you do not reach the threshold amount in a month, then it will get rolled out to the next month. The payment option is PayPal.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

One must join the SoftwareSuggest affiliate program for earning the decent cash. The PayPal account is mandatory for receiving commissions. If you had worked as an affiliate, then please share your experiences. Hope this article help the affiliates for getting started.

Give a try to the SoftwareSuggest affiliate program

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