The 7 Myths Around The Google AdSense That One Should know

Everyone who is a blogger crave for the Google AdSense account. The Google AdSense has changed the lives of millions of publishers from very long time. However getting it’s approval is a nightmare for many. At the same it is a cakewalk for some people. The beginners are still curious to know how AdSense works. We would like to focus on the myths of the Google AdSense that every newbie publisher should know before applying.

Here comes the 7 myths of the Google AdSense that you should know :

Myth 1 : You need a decent traffic to get the AdSense approval.

You might have seen many new sites getting approval easily. The Google AdSense mainly look for the content centric sites. At the same time the websites must comply with the AdSense rules. As long you follow the guidelines, there is no fear for the AdSense’s disapproval.

Myth 2 : The age of the site matters a lot while applying for the AdSense approval.

This statement is partially true for third world countries. However if your site has compelling content, then there are brighter chances of getting the AdSense approval. The quality of the content matters a lot rather than the age.

Myth 3 : After getting the AdSense’s approval, you can start earning tons of money.

Just because your site has an AdSense account, doesn’t mean you can get $$$$ automatically. It doesn’t work like that. Your revenue depends on several factors like placement, niche, clicks, location etc. You need to focus more on the delivering appealing content. Remember that content still rules when it comes to the revenue generation.

Myth 4 : Google bans your AdSense account intentionally.

This is not true. Do you think Google eats your hard earned money for their survival? Everyone agrees that they are biased towards advertisers. But, does it mean they run business¬† banning your AdSense account? If they do in real, they won’t have in the business for such a longer time. Agreed that they should reveal the reasons behind banning accounts. The publishers should ensure to follow all their rules perfectly.

Myth 5 : The publishers can earn more money by using more ad units.

Let us think in the perspective of an user. When you visit any website and see ads flooding everywhere, what would be your reaction? You will get annoyed, isn’t it? The same rule applies to everyone. As long you use limited number of ads, you are safe from the visitor’s point of view. When you talk about the revenue, you won’t earn more using ad units. All that matters is adding value to your readers. When your visitors feel good after visiting your site, the revenue generation won’t be hard.

Myth 6 : Once you get approved by the Google AdSense, you can place any number of ad units of other ad networks.

The Google AdSense doesn’t restrict their publishers for using other ad networks along with their ads. However, they monitor your site on daily basis. They do not like the concept of over usage of the ads. Say for example, you are using 4 AdSense units and 2 ad units of other ad network on the same page. Then, you are prone to the account disabling. The AdSense won’t care about the affiliate marketing banners but they are concerned about the other ads too. Especially they don’t encourage popup ads. For avoiding this situation, one should limit the usage of the ad units. While using the AdSense, avoid using popup ads for safety.

Myth 7 : You can only earn with the Google AdSense. There is no other alternative to the AdSense.

Are you thinking the same? If yes, then there is no truth in it. Many noted publishers like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and Darren Rowse of Problogger have left AdSense and monetizing their sites using different revenue generation strategies. You can monetize your sites in many ways like membership, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and many.

What Is The Conclusion?

As long you follow Google guidelines for publishers, you will be in the safe zone. Don’t be greedy and focus more on creating engaging content. When people love your content, they will keep on coming. You can earn decent revenue with AdSense only when your receive the and quality traffic. Mostly it should be organic. Hope you love this article. If you have any others myths about the AdSense in your mind, then please share with us in the comment section.

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