Amazon Influencer Program (2023): Recommend and Get Paid

The Amazon Influencer Program is a revolutionary way of earning money. Any individual who has a huge social following and expertise in their niche can be called an Influencer. Conceptually, the Influencer program is no different than the Amazon Associates (affiliate) Program.

Anyone can sign up for the regular affiliate program, whereas only social media influencers can join the Amazon Influencer Program.

What Is Amazon Influencer Program and How Does It Work?

Amazon Influencers can categorize the products based on their niche and recommend them to their followers. When someone clicks on any product link and buys, you will get commission.

The commission rates vary from 1% to 10% depending on the categories.

For example, you are an Influencer in food niche. You need to promote the products related to the recipes and food.

Once your Amazon Influencer account gets approved, you will be having your own storefront. That means you will have your own page with an unique URL ( You can also share the URL with your followers.

When someone browses the products in your profile URL and buys a product, you will receive commission.

The biggest advantage of having a unique URL is that you can share it verbally and online. You can recommend thousands of products through the storefront. The Influencers can promote the unique URL in the places where hyperlinking is not allowed.

Who Can Join the Amazon Influencer Program?

Unlike Amazon Associates program, there is no guarantee of approval. Amazon will accept only those Influencers who can bring loyal customers to them.

For becoming an Amazon Influencer, you need to have huge following on any one of the platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. This is the basic requirement. Is it the only thing that Amazon looks in an Influencer? Nope, you need to engage well with your audience.

You should be very active on social media. Although Amazon has not specifically stated the required numbers, you should be having thousands to millions of followers. Amazon will check the engagement metrics like reach, likes, comments and shares.

Amazon will allow those Influencers who have already made some sales through YouTube videos, Instagram & Facebook posts, tweets, pins, Quora answers etc.

When your content is great, appealing and informative, there are brighter chances of getting higher user attention. The high-quality content, positive engagements and decent following will certainly make your social profile attractive in the eyes of Amazon.

At the time of writing this article, the Influencers from United States, India, United Kingdom and Canada are only allowed to join this Influencer Program.

How Can You Join the Amazon Influencer Program?

Step 1: Visit Amazon Influencer Program page and then click Get started as shown in the image below:

Amazon influencer

Step 2: You need to sign up with any of your social media accounts as shown in the image below. Then, they will check whether your eligibility for the Influencer Program. Once your profile gets verified, you can start curating your page.

Amazon influencers

Note: If your account gets disapproved for some reason, then you can apply again in the future.

What Are the Best Features of the Amazon Influencer Program?

  • Being an influencer, you can easily earn up to 1500+ USD per month. However, you need to be very consistent in uploading fresh and high-quality content in your profile. Once you win the trust among your followers, then recommending products is not a big deal.
  • People can follow you on your Amazon page. Whenever you post any text content or video, the followers will get notified.
  • You can easily promote your storefront vanity URL everywhere from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, blogs or podcasts.
  • The sky is the only limit for the recommendations. You can put thousands of products in your storefront.
  • You can work on both Associates program and Influencer program simultaneously.

What Is the Final Conclusion?

If you want to be a part of the Amazon Influencer Program, then you should be focusing on building quality and appealing content on your social profiles. Unless your content is informative, there is no way of getting engaged.

Undoubtedly, the Amazon Influencer program will fetch you more profits than the Associates program.

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