Why Business VoIP Phone Service is Better for Remote Employees

With the flexibility of remote working being adapted in most businesses, many organizations and companies have embraced the ‘new normal’ scenario – moving their business into a remote work setup.

But just like any other organizational change, there are also challenges when shifting to working from home. And perhaps the most obvious challenge is how to deal with the communication process.

Luckily, we have a vast option of the latest communication technologies exclusively dedicated to providing a seamless connection for everybody. And one remarkable cloud-based phone system is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that you can easily get through Freeje.

What is Business VoIP Phone Service?

First, it is good to know the description of VoIP before diving deep into its benefits and advantages.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows conventional telephony systems to operate via a computer network using packet-switched protocols. VoIP conveys voice calls over the Internet, the same way on how an email or images are transferred all over the world. And since making calls through VoIP doesn’t cost you physical equipment or hardware, they are less expensive than the traditional phone lines.

A VoIP phone system that delivers calls to employees over their office IP data network is referred to as a business VoIP phone service in general. Traditional phone calls were made over electrical cables and circuits via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) until the 1980s.

With the invention of VoIP, you may make phone conversations through the same IP data networks that your computer or mobile device uses for web browsing, email, and other purposes. Business VoIP phone services have been improving for more than a decade and often do not require much hardware.

With so many options available, executives and IT managers must do their homework before deciding on the best phone solution for their company. Then, see to it that the provider you select has the features and dependability your business needs to run flawlessly.

What are the Benefits that You Can Possibly Get Using Business VoIP?

Below are a few of the remarkable benefits your business can enjoy when you switch to business VoIP phone service:

  1. Making Remote Working Easier

Even a few years ago, allowing any workforce member to work away from the office was almost unheard of. Fast forward, and we see people working from home as freelancers, contractors, and full-time employees without having to set foot in an office.

There used to be hardware and software needs that could only be found in an office setup. In addition, there were security issues and scheduling problems, and it generally made more sense to have the whole workforce adhere to specific working hours.

However, since every type of business becomes more global every day, organizations can now anticipate employing individuals from different countries and places, resulting in more innovation and creativity.

Technology makes information much more accessible and protected through the invention of the cloud and VoIP. For example, when telephone systems are hosted from the cloud, all employees need is an Internet connection. They can then access the calls, take their instruction, provide updates, and ask questions just as well as working in an office.

VoIP technology also comes with something called ‘Service as a Software (SaaS).’ It enables managers of an organization to handle their networks and hosts all the necessary software with the help of the cloud. All these facilities combine to make remote worker management more effortless than it has ever been before. In addition, the cloud further eliminates the need for flash drives and storage devices, which could be a security threat if they hold sensitive data.

  1. Provides Flexible Working Condition

Modern employees have entire lives, which means they would like to have the option of working both from their mobile devices and their personal computers. When VoIP makes this possible, no one will have to sacrifice their personal lives or take a sick day to attend a medical check-up.

It is also true that with a business VoIP phone service, there is no need for you to worry about not having someone to attend to your customer queries. On the contrary, VoIP allows you to have 24/7 customer support.

There are now various online solutions where people can work from their PCs and continue on their smartphones where they left off. Moreover, it allows employees to catch up on work during their downtime. Thus, the long durations in waiting rooms or standing in line don’t have to be wasted.

  1. Employee Benefits

A contented team is more likely to be productive. When a company allows employees to work from home, the latter would undoubtedly be pleased to have this option. They could be offered to work from home partially and only come into the office when needed.

The company can also offer full-time work from home that lets them work entirely from home wherever they may be. This kind of setup opens the doors for international employees who may be more hardworking than local ones.

Even if an employee lives just around the block from the physical office, many people would love to work from the comfort of their own home. They can work in their pyjamas, look after their dogs, work while eating, and take a break anytime they choose.

Providing your team with the option to work from home instead of taking a sick day will prevent them from losing wages if they work at an hourly rate. In addition, if an employee has a sick family member at home or a pet, they would also feel infinitely more comfortable working from home than otherwise. That is why shifting to a business VoIP phone service is way better for remote team members.

  1. Cost Saving

There is no doubt that employees who work from the comfort of their homes economize on a variety of financial, mental, and health expenditures. For instance, they don’t have to spend money on daily transport on the subway or the bus. In addition, if they own their vehicle, they wouldn’t have to put in gas quite so often.

It would also lessen the possible damage to their service vehicle. In addition, many companies pay for the transport costs of their employees so that remote workers would save their organization these expenses too.

Transport isn’t the only cost a business has when they have on-venue workers. Many companies must supply appropriate office space, pay for the electricity used, and have a well-stocked break room to boot. Organizations could spend less rent on office space with the integration of business VoIP phone service; maybe even do without it together! They would also obviously save on hardware costs since remote employees would have their setup.

Final Words

Whether you are a startup, small, or medium enterprise business owner, shifting to a more accurate and more flexible communication system will not only give your business the ability to keep pace with the ever-changing world, but it will help to continuously enhance your networking with your leads and clients.

If a business VoIP phone service seems to be a good fit for your organization but you have a doubt on where to look for, you can visit Freeje and download the app. What’s good with Freeje Optimum is that multiple international phone numbers can work simultaneously on the smartphone that you normally use.

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