Promoting a Profile on Facebook: Is It Easy?

There are three options for developing a company on Facebook: 

  • personal profiles; 
  • public; 
  • group. 

Each of them has its own characteristics of promotion, so it is very important to take this into account.

As a page for promotion on the Facebook social network, a personal profile is not suitable, and the main reason for this is a completely different intended purpose. In addition, in this version, it is not possible to use the words “shop”, “company” and the like in the title, which identify business pages. Another problem with a personal profile on Facebook will arise when blocking, because you need a passport to unlock, and in the case of a brand, this is impossible.

However, when promoting a profile, creating a visual will be very important, so you should turn to Facebook banner design.

Method #1: Get Your First Subscribers Quickly

This is the fastest method, but it is not very effective in attracting the target audience. It is used at the very beginning to cheat subscribers into a new, still empty page. This is necessary to get at least some first readers. After all, a person is characterized by the effect of “herd”, therefore they rarely enter empty pages. But many people enter the promoted pages without invitations. The method can be both paid and free.

The free method involves mutual entry into Facebook communities for earned points. That is, you subscribe to other groups of social networks, get points for this, then spend them on promoting your Facebook page.

In paid services, a huge plus is the ability to select the region, age and gender of subscribers. Thanks to such precise targeting (ad localization), a paid service is very good for ordering reposts of your articles (an account owner of a certain region publishes a post on his page for money – the price depends on the number and quality of subscribers). 

As for money, in comparison with the same advertising on Facebook, everything here is several times cheaper and more reliable. You know exactly what you are paying for. On the website, you can promote a page on Facebook or other social networks for a penny.

Method #2: Invite Friends from Other Accounts

In parallel with work in subscription and repost exchanges, you should create 2-3 accounts and actively invite friends from the right regions there. Facebook people are sociable and in just two months you will have 3,000 friends in each account. 10 – 15 percent of friends will accept an invitation to subscribe to the news of your business page on Facebook, and this is already the first thousand subscribers.

Regarding the Facebook store – such a section will appear in your menu when you specify the field of activity as “sales” when creating the page and you have more than 200 subscribers. The store category will be visible to users only after adding a product to it. In the “shop” section on Facebook, it is possible to create product cards with a photo, description, payment and delivery options. A very good thing.

Method #3: Comments on websites and blogs

This method, with a competent approach, will bring new visitors to your page every day. After all, new people are constantly visiting websites through search engines. If there is a link to your Facebook page on such a visited page, you will receive a constant flow of visitors. 

Look for articles on your subject and write interesting comments on the topic with a link or name (if there is no link) of your public. If the comment is good, the link will not be removed.

Method #4: Facebook Group Advertising

The cost of promoting Facebook with the help of groups depends on the number of subscribers of the group and the target audience. Young groups are asking for 30-50 of your friends as payment for publishing. Solid groups put the price from 5 dollars. All the necessary groups can be found in the search bar of Facebook itself.


A huge plus of promoting pages and groups on Facebook is the ability to do this with a minimal budget and without programs with paid services. Of course, you will have to work. First create and design, and then maintain a page on Facebook. At first glance, the task will seem complicated, but with a detailed guide it will be much easier.

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