Linkody Review


Linkody Review

Time and time again the importance of SEO in the growing of one’s website has been highly emphasized. However, this is a bit challenging since one has a lot of things that they should keep an eye out for and the search engines are not known to be very polite when it comes to the indexing of the pages. After all, someone has to take the second position right?

Now, one of the best ways to sell your page is by using backlinks. However, it is a bit challenging if you have to monitor all your backlinks at all times. This is more so considering that in most cases they may not be just a hand full but could be a few hundreds. This is where Linkody comes to play.

Linkody is a service that helps one to keep an eye on their backlinks but the good part is that it is able to do more than that. It has a range of features that are tailor made to allow you get the most out of your backlinks and helps you understand what more you can do to get even better and higher quality backlinks.

To begin with, Linkody helps keep you afloat on what your competitors are doing. This helps you to adjust accordingly and also it helps to provide you with information about any back links that have been changed or lost which helps you to strategize or reinstate the lost links. Additionally, one of the most important features that you will find quite life savings is the daily reports on your backlinks. This is an utterly important feature that everyone should take advantage of.

The 24 hour updates it offers gives one the ability to adjust and make the required amendments before they are penalized by the search engines. Other features that make this SEO tool a must have include the ability to link your profile with the anchor and keyword distribution as well as link the analytics with the distribution by domain and TLD all of which give you an upper hand while you’re creating your strategy. Simply put, this tool is a life saver.

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