TribalAdNetwork review : Online advertising network

Tribaladnetwork review

TribalAdnetwork is an online advertising network serving potential advertisers and reputable publishers. The revenue models of this ad network are CPC and CPA. Publishers get revenue based on clicks and conversions. The rates ranges from $0.01-$0.90 per click. Tribaladnetwork review sites before approving them.

Requirements for publishers to join Tribaladnetwork ad network

  • There are no traffic restrictions for sites to join this network. However sites generating adequate traffic perform well.
  • The sites must not had hosted any objectionable content like pornography, spam, warez, hacking, viruses etc.
  • The sites must not had violated the copyright laws.


  • Publishers must not try to alter the ad code.
  • Publishers must not click on their own ads or incentivize others to do.
  • Publishers must not use proxies, traffic exchanges, PTC sites, VPNs, bots etc to generate fake traffic.

Ad format

Publishers have access to following ad sizes of display banners: 728×90, 300×250, 160×600 and 300×500 (Mobile format).


Publishers get paid on Net 30 basis. The threshold payout is $50. The available payment options are PayPal and Direct deposit.


  • Easy installation
  • High fill rates
  • Competitive rates
  • Potential advertisers
  • These ads work along with other networks like Adsense and
  • Publishers can filter inappropriate ads.
  • Good customer support


  • No referral program

Final Conclusion

Tribaladnetwork works well for sites having US, UK, Canada and European traffic. In case of CPA campaigns publishers get paid only if visitors take action. High traffic sites have great advantages of using this ad network. Publishers must give it a try to this network. However the earnings depend on the niche, campaigns, ads placement, visitor’s location and source of the traffic. Publishers who have tried this network can share their experiences below in the comment section. Hope this Tribaladnetwork review helps publishers to get started.

Join Tribal ad network and start making money

Update : Tribal Ad Network is now OptiAds

15 thoughts on “TribalAdNetwork review : Online advertising network

  1. I have been searching some good network for my blog.Thanks for your post.I will give it a Try.

  2. Avoid from Tribal ads network. I am using it last 20 days on my sites with Amazon CPM. From 1.5 million page views and near 7000 clicks. I just earned $144.4. But, when the payout date come. They declared my traffic is invalid and not paying me. I use it as a pass back in Amazon CPM and even provide my Google analytic account access. It is a scam network and soon made you

      1. My name is Onu Florin and i represent Shahid Irfan use our ad network and we find some invalid traffic on his sites.We ask him to provide server logs to check his traffic but give us only GA acces.We have many publishers that get paid every month.Also you can find many payment proof on Google.

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