Affiliate Marketing To Ads: Best Ways To Make Money

Within the past decade, an ever-increasing number of people are seeking to make money online. While you can certainly work as a content writer, a web developer or even as a freelance graphic artist, those things, although worthwhile pursuits, end up making money for someone else. Why do you think they are employing you in the first place in those lines of work? Yes, of course! To make them money on their own websites. So then, why not make money from your website in 2017? Doesn’t that make more sense (as well as cents)? From affiliate marketing to ads, here are some of the best ways to make money from a website in 2017.

Let’s Start with Blogging

No matter how you want to monetize a website, blogging is going to almost always be the backbone of your site. Whether you are selling products, services or simply looking to set up other streams of revenue such as affiliate marketing or PPC ads, the best (and perhaps only) way to get traffic to your site is through Search Engine Optimization, SEO. People search for keywords and keyword phrases, and those are in your written content. Whether you have a thousand products on your site with SEO keyword descriptions or simply an informative site you are monetizing, content is king. The best way to make money on a website is to have the mindset that you will make money blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

Many companies pay a percentage of sales that come through other people’s blogs. Here again, blogging is critical because you either write a review or an informative bit of content that links through to the products and/or brands you are affiliated with. Should those visitors buy something, you will earn a commission. There are a number of ways in which you will get paid, so make sure to read the fine print so that you know what to expect and when to expect it.

PPC and Paid Ads

Another way in which to make money is to set up ads on your website. If visitors to your site are interested, they will click through to the site that is being advertised on your blog/website. A PPC (pay-per-click) ad offers a certain amount just for someone landing on their page from yours whereas paid ads work in a number of ways. Some are designed as a PPC strategy where you’ll get paid for someone who clicks through to their site and others pay you for sales made. Both PPC and Ads are very similar in nature so you really could use both just as easily.

Once you gain a certain amount of authority (rank) you can begin selling ‘space’ on your blog. There are websites out there that charge for posting articles on their site and this is really one of the easiest ways to make money. Other people do the research and the writing and all you need to do is read through the content, perhaps a bit of editing, upload it to your site and that’s really all there is to it. From affiliate marketing to ads to blogging, the ways to make money online are almost unlimited so if you are an entrepreneur at heart, this might be just the career for you.

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  1. My affiliate blogs were stagnant for so long. I didn’t made any sales and wanted to quit, however I am very hopefull after reading your article. Seems I can see a light and feels excited again. Hope to see my first sale after I will apply what you had said. I appreacite you posted something like this to help us newbie. 🙂

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