7 Things About Ad Network That You Must Know


The ad Networks are the need of the time. It has become an alternative and even the main income source for many of the bloggers. Sadly, most of the bloggers after getting rejected by Google AdSense and a desperation of making money ASAP join sheep herd and join any random Ad Network. To earn money, it is not mare about getting registered, as you may never know how it affected your business for bad. It may also affect your blogging career and even make you quit.

To master the art of optimum utilization, the ad Networks must learn few things. After years of experience of working in an ad Network, I have jotted down some key points about the ad Networks That You Must Know:

1. There is a Huge Difference Between CPM and eCPM

The Cost Per Mile or CPM as we call it, is a cost paid by the advertiser to the publisher for every 1000 impression. For example, $10 CPM means the publisher will get a fixed $10 for every 1000 impression. On the other hand, eCPM is completely opposite from advertiser’s point of view. A $10 eCPM means you get a variable amount between 0 to $10 for every 1000 impression. Here, publisher do not guarantee any fixed revenue.

2. Payout Threshold Can Blur Your Idea of Money Making

If you go through your publisher agreement carefully, you’ll see that most of the Ad Networks have a payout threshold, which means you can only withdraw the money if you have already earned a revenue of let’s say $100!! So, I suggest you to take this into consideration. You can also go for a mediation platform which might get you paid faster.

3. The Longer is The Chain, The More Mouths to Feed

Most of you might think that an Ad Network is the only one middleman between a Publisher and the Advertiser. But it is not always the same. You must inquire about the number of hops that is involved in between, as every hop needs their own cut. The higher the cut means the lower is your revenue.

4. Ad Networks Should not make you lose your Readers

Constant push notifications, pop-up ads and redirection might get your reader annoyed and leave your website forever. Getting desperate and adding all sort of Ads without giving a thought will not make you earn lots of money, you can even lose your readership. So, always go for good quality and relevant ads that can earn you the confidence of your readers and boost you Alexa Rankings.

5. Net Revenue is Different from Revenue

Revenue is the total amount that an advertiser earns via a campaign. Whereas a net revenue is Revenue minus a several deductions of certain costs. So, you need to understand the concept clearly.

For Example, an Ad Network promised you a 10% share for a $100 received by the advertiser.

Here your Revenue is 10% of $100. While, your Net Revenue is 10% of $100-certain costs.

6. Different Business Models

There are different business models in an Ad Network, each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. You must know about each of them and how they work, so that you can choose what suits you and your website the most. Some examples are:

  • CPM: Cost Per Mile is where you get a fixed amount for every 1000 impression.
  • CPC: Cost Per Click is where you get paid for every time a user clicks on an ad.
  • CPI: Cost Per Impression is where you get paid for every successful Ad installs.
  • CPA: Cost Per Action is where you get paid every time a user takes a pre-determined action, outlined by the advertiser.

7. Having an Ad Network is not a guarantee of lots of income

Ad Networks undoubtedly wants you to earn, because they know if you make money, they make money too. But, mere ad Network cannot make you earn money without efforts. You should accept the fact that a successful career in blogging requires a lot of strategies, brain-storming, efforts and of course – “hard-work”. To make your webpage a success story, you must deliver quality content perfectly balanced with quality ads.

So, now that you know a good chunk of facts that every Publisher should be aware of, we hope you will “make through it and not break through it”.  This market can undoubtedly increase more traffic and business for your webpage. But, can be very expensive if you are not careful.

Author Bio: Nikhil Reddy is a tech savvy content writer by passion and associated with a Mobile Ad Network – Apps Discover Technologies. Nikhil writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, start-ups, and marketing professionals. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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Suresh is author and owner of way2earning.com. He loves to help people by teaching the ways to make money online with advertising and affiliate programs. He is also passionate about technology and love to write reviews.

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