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eBay Partner Network Review : Affiliate Program Guide

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Over this webpage, we will be coming across with the detail discussion as about the eBay partner network review for the readers. As we all know that eBay Partner Network is basically known as the main house of the eBay’s in-house affiliate program. They are all involved in giving out with the services as where they are providing the publishers by means of the resources as to monetize their websites, plus the social pages, mobile apps and a wide range of other online properties right through by driving high-quality traffic to eBay. With the passage of time, the importance and rising popularity of the Ebay partner networking is increasingly getting immense high. Mostly the beginners who want to design their social pages or mobile apps, they consider first of all becoming the part of eBay house.

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eBay partner network

Importance and High Value of eBay Partner Network Competitive:

By getting into association with the eBay Partner Network, you are simply getting into partnership with eBay that is regarded to be known as one of the world’s largest online brands. Affiliates worldwide will encounter ePN as one of the most attractive affiliate programs currently inside the market. This is probably because of the appearance of the unmatched range of inventory, plus the global brand recognition and high conversion rates.

There are so many reasons that do clear your mind in the fact that why you should be considering to be the part of Affiliate eBay marketing world. Let’s share some of the important reasons with you:

  • It would be making you provide with the chance as for where you can carry out with the competitive earnings potential based on category-level commissions.
  • You can even take into account with the access of the 200% referral bonus for the purpose of the new or reactivated buyers.
  • Plus, it would also be offering you out with the seasons as well as with the category-specific bonuses and promotions.
  • By getting into the timeline with the Ebay, you would be attaching yourself with the largest online marketplaces.
  • Through the association with the Ebay, you can get hold on with the global reach by means of 13 eBay sites that is all spanning into different languages and locales.
  • It has a complete list of the dedicated support and also the communication channels.

How to Get Started with eBay Affiliate Program?

eBay affiliate

If you want to be the part of eBay marketing program, then it is important that you should first of all be joining the affiliate program that is the first step for being the eBay partner.  As you do get the acceptance of the eBay’s affiliate program, you would be able to get access to the Publisher Portal that is included with the featuring effect of the banners, as well as buttons, text links, our API and a wide range of other tools. You can freely make the use of all such tools for your social pages or even for your website. You will probably be finding the whole start-up method as a lot easy and simple to carry out. This start-up merely involved the copying and pasting of the code from our text link wizard to your site. As in favor of your technical knowledge you have the complete freedom to choose any style of tools you want to. This will add up your site with the fresh and energetic cool impression.

What To Know About Start-Up of Earning Money for Referring Buyers?

Build your eBay income

As you would be successful in driving the traffic to the eBay site, you will in return be getting the chance to earn some percentage of eBay’s revenue. The more high revenue you will be taking into account as the traffic generation, the more chances will rise for earning money. Normally the wholesome pricing is based on the commission rates that would be ranging as in between 40% to 80% to be all based on top of the category of the item sold. You can earn even with the sum of more than 200% bonus straight away by driving new and reactivated eBay buyers as to purchase. Monthly payments of the eBay are normally received through the direct deposit or PayPal. Well, starting up with the Ebay marketing network is not a hard task at all as you consider it out to be. You just need to stay alert and conscious while carrying out the whole method of starting up with the eBay earning process.

List of Important Pros of eBay Affiliate Program:

eBay affiliate program

  1. As you would be starting to promote your product over eBay affiliate program, you will be getting the chance to promote in more than 30 categories. Under every single category, you will prominently be finding thousands of other sub-categories as well that belong to different brands.
  2. It is quite a lot easy for the beginner to be the part of eBay. You can even make your way into eBay by becoming the part of the platforms like Google’s Blogger or BlogSpot. You will be getting the approval as fast.
  3. Better sales mean more excellent discounts in your hands. eBay is offering occasionally seasonal discounts and great sum of bargains mentioning with Black Friday madness and also the Cyber Monday deals.
  4. Payment is always fast as you get attached with eBay by far making it as one of the main attractive features of eBay. Payment is made through PayPal.

Method to Sign Up As An eBay Affiliate Partner:

eBay partner network

Now the main question to learn the answer about is related to the sign-up method of eBay Partner Network! By signing up, you will be getting the chance to earn some share in your profits. You will simply be getting paid as for the purpose of sending high-quality traffic to the eBay website. Below will be discussing a complete step by step guideline tutorial for signing up as an eBay affiliate partner:

Step No 1: You need to simply start by opening with your Internet browser and navigate to the eBay Partner Network website. Just click the “Apply Now!” button as located on the top right side of the page to step into the application page.

Step No 2: In the second step, you will be going to click on the checkboxes that are all next to the programs for which you want to apply. Hence, all the programs mentioned here are selected by default.

Step No 3: Now, in the third step, you will be going to click the “Terms and Conditions” link as meant for the eBay program. The Terms and Conditions will open up and then you have to click the checkbox next to “I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions for eBay”.

Step No 4: In the next step, just click the option as “Yes” under “eBay User ID” if you want to get connected with your eBay Partner Network account with your eBay account.

Step No 5: Now out of two options you have to select either “Yes” or “No” to answer the question “Are you a member of the eBay Developer Program?”

Step No 6: Make yourself agree to the Terms of Service and then click the “Continue” button.

Step No 7: You will be entering your entire valid contact information as over the next page mentioning your name, email address, and phone number.

Step No 8: You need to type your desired password in the box as over under the Choose Your Password heading. The password should have at least eight characters.

Step No 9: You will be selecting at least three security questions and answers. Ebay will be, therefore, further making the use of this information as to reset your password if in case you forget.

Step No 10: Giving your complete business information, along with the company name and business description.

Step No 11: Now in the next step you will be entering your website’s URL in the referer Information section and then you will be going to select the business model and the category of your website. As you are done with it just click “Continue.”

Step No 12: In the next step, you will be making the choice of the preferred method of payment that should be either PayPal or direct deposit. If in case you have selected PayPal, then you will be going to enter your PayPal email address.

Step No 13: At the end step, click on the option “Submit Application.”

So, this was the end of the review about the eBay affiliate program and how its emerging importance in the market has made it one of the imperative tools in the website and social media designing. It’s signing up method is much simple and easy to follow-up, as it would merely take a few minutes for you to sign up and be the part of Affiliate eBay program world.

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