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  1. I think with a new ad network with a minimum payment too high will not be popular.

    1. I got my 10$ and all good

  2. Anushka Garg says:

    Hi Way2earning team…. these guys are scammer. first they will take your traffic and after one month passed they will not respond to your skype messages and email. they will not pay you anything. please don’t work with them

  3. Anushka Garg says:

    Hello Guys…..Beware of….These guys are scammer. They will not pay you anything and won’t response you Skype and email messages.

  4. The best network I worked ever with so far.
    A good bunch of offers from direct advertisers.

  5. I’ve been working with it for half year. Can say it’s quite good network. It has many offers and inventory. I tried teasers but Directlink showed better results. Fast support. They helped me to set post back. Got my money without problems but you should remember they use hold 15 rule!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with network.

  6. Hello everyone. I’ve been using this network since summer and here is my review.
    Start was quite hard and I got less than I had with Propeller and manager said it’s ok and they need some time to optimize or smth like that. After a week my cpm increased and that was enough to stay with
    Also I don’t know much about offer choosing etc so smartlink is a good way to solve this problem 🙂
    Support is good too, fast answer if you write during work time. No ignoring(as for me)
    Here you can see my payments Recommend this network

  7. Not at all bad. Perform effective when it comes to pop ads. Of course this type of ad is not for everyone, but anyway exactly in this way – it is quite effective. I use BidMag popunder (I used pop up at first, but as you know pop ups affect website quite badly) Overall, good and stable payout, fast and friendly support, I’m satisfied. Recommend trying

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