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The inception of the internet has completely changed the entire concept of work. Some occupation has wholly been made redundant in the work market leaving the question wide open, is the internet taking all our jobs? Or is it creating more job opportunity and easing our workload?

It is with no doubt that the internet has created more jobs online and opened door that we are yet to fully experienced and realize. Time and age of being tied to your workstation are coming to an end. The Internet is the 21st-century goldmine; people are making tons of money working online in the comfort of their homes.

If you have not joined the bandwagon, don’t be shaken. The main scope of this article is to shade light on how a beginner can make money online while betting and live that free life you have always dreamt about. Well, there are many ways on how to make money online for the beginners but today let’s focus on betting as one way of doing it.

Betting on soccer is one of the easiest ways of making money online for a beginner, if only you follow the correct steps and concept. If you want to taste the money that online working offers then try your hands in betting.

Steps to making money online while betting on sports

The first step on betting is to register for a betting site; it is advisable to choose a bookmaker that offers a comprehensive market range of betting options and have a good reputation. Bet 365 and Sportpesa are the best bookmakers currently in the market, and you should probably check them out.

Secondly, choose your favorite market to bet on. There are several markets to choose from such as over or under 0.5 goals, over or under 2.5 goals, both teams to score and home or away team to win. For this article, I will choose a market of over 0.5 goals.

You are probably asking yourself what I mean by over 0.5goals. It merely says that in an event the football match ends with any of the teams playing scoring one or more goals you win your bet regardless of the result.

Our investigation has proven that this market, when exploited carefully, can bring in a lot of money in the long run.

The main aim of playing football is to score goals and win matches. Research has proven that more than 90% of all the games in the market of over or under 0.5 goals from all bookmakers end with at least one goal.

What I mean is that in case a bookmaker places 100 football matches on this market, at least 90 games out of the 100 will end with one or more goals being scored. Leaving at most ten games with a scoreless result.

Out of the 100 games choose two games with a combined odd of not more than 1.14 and place your bet. It is upon you to select the amount of money you wish to put on your bet. Notably, it is not worth playing with money you cannot afford to lose.

They say betting is all about luck; partly I agree and disagree. It is entirely possible to place your bet on the 10games we have already talked about that end with scoreless results, making you lose your bet.

How to choose the best game to bet on

In order not to fall into the losing trap, it is advisable to do some thorough research on the football teams, checking their past matches and current form. The good news Is, there are several websites offering football analysis and predictions that you can use for your review.

With betting hitting the airwaves, several untrusted soccer prediction websites have mushroomed giving out false prediction and analysis, Watch out! The best soccer prediction websites have personally used and have proven to be effective is Statarea predictions.

To pick the right two games to bet on, it is important to write all the games within the market and cross-check them with statarea prediction. Choose only games with a range of 75%-85% chance of scoring over 0.5 goals as provided by statarea prediction site and place your bet.

If you follow these simple steps have provided, you will see the results instantly, and you will make lots of money online. Remember, it is crucial to maintain the 1.14 range odds while shifting your stake has time goes by. The main idea is to start small and think big.


Many people all over the world have turned their life around with online betting. Betting requires a high level of discipline, instincts, and ability to recognise the concept of value to benefit from betting entirely. You can also learn about other ways to make money online here.

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