Airbnb Affiliate Program Review 2022 : Earn Decent Cash

I am going to talk about the Airbnb affiliate program in this post. But, before that let me tell a bit about it. The Airbnb is a leading hospitality company in the world. Headquartered in the San Francisco, the Airbnb is successful in serving millions hosts and guests across the world. The hosts list their property for the rent and guests enjoy the staying experience. Is it not cool? I was little skeptical when I heard some hosts earning millions of the dollars every month. But, after a deep research I found that there are huge income opportunities for all.

The irony is that many people are unaware of this beautiful company.

Airbnb affiliate program

In this article, I am going to have a serious talk about making money with the Airbnb affiliate program.

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How Can You Make Money With The Airbnb?

The Airbnb is offering 3 types of monetization options : 1. Hosting program, 2. Affiliate program, and 3. Referral program.

1. The Airbnb Hosting Program :

If you have a property like apartment, house or room, then you can earn money from the Airbnb as a host. Once your guest checks in, you will receive payouts through PayPal, direct deposit and other options.

Join Airbnb As Host And Start Earning Money !!!

2. The Airbnb Affiliate Program :

The Airbnb affiliate program is open for webmasters and app owners. However, the website or app must attract at least 1 million monthly visits or app openings. The Airbnb affiliate program is categorized further into the 2 categories : (a) The guest affiliate program and (b) The host affiliate program. So, you can make money with the Airbnb without owning property.

The Guest Affiliate Program :

The qualified affiliates will earn commission for referring guests. When a guest clicks on the listing from your website, books a property and checks in, you will get paid for it. The more guests you drive to the Airbnb, the more affiliate income you can generate.

The Host Affiliate Program :

The affiliates will also earn for recommending the Airbnb to hosts. Whenever any host Signup using your affiliate link, you will receive the commission.

Hey Site/App Owners, Join The Airbnb Affiliate Program And Start Earning Money !!!

Terms And Conditions For The Site Owners And App Owners To Join The Airbnb Affiliate Program :

    • The first and basic requirement for joining the Airbnb affiliate program is huge traffic. The Airbnb will turndown the websites and apps generating less than 1 million visits or openings.
    • The Airbnb also look out the niche of the website or app. If you are having a travel or hospitality website/blog/app, then you are eligible to join as a Airbnb affiliate. Mostly they would not prefer other niches even though they generate millions of visits.

3. The Airbnb Referral Program :

The Airbnb referral program lets you earn travel credits for referring the hosts. Unlike the Airbnb affiliate program, you do not earn real cash. You can use the travel credits for the next booking. The earnings purely depends on your country and bookings. The Airbnb referral program can also be used for inviting the friends. For example, you invited your friend using the special invitation link. He will be eligible to get discount on the first trip while signing up. At the same time, you will receive the travel credit.

Invite Friends To The Airbnb And Start Earning The Travel Credit !!!

Refer Hosts To The Airbnb And Start Earning The Travel Credit !!!

airbnb referral program

How Can You Promote The Airbnb?

You can promote the Airbnb using the following methods :

Invite friends and Refer hosts :

  • You can recommend people to the Airbnb by mailing them. You can import E-Mail addresses from the Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.
  • You can share the invite link on all your social accounts.

What Are The Best Features Of The Airbnb Affiliate Program?

  • The Airbnb is available in 191 countries and more than 4 million properties are listed.
  • The Airbnb handles more than 100,000 bookings daily. Now, one can imagine the earning potential of affiliates.
  • Multiple income opportunity : Being a Airbnb affiliate, you can earn for referring the hosts as well as guests.

What Are The Best Features Of The Airbnb Referral Program?

  • Unlike the Airbnb affiliate program, there are no restrictions to join the referral program.
  • Any one from 191 countries can join the Airbnb referral program.
  • You can straightaway start referring people to the Airbnb.
  • You will have the access to the custom links.
  • The Airbnb will give you the guaranteed credits.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

The Airbnb affiliate program works only for 1 million+ website visits or openings. This affiliate program is ideal for travel niche websites, blogs or apps. The Airbnb did not give any clarity about the commission rates for the affiliates. If you are not qualified as an affiliate, then join the referral program and earn credit for referring the people.

If you worked with the Airbnb affiliate program or referral program, then please share your experiences in the comments section. Hope this Airbnb affiliate program and referral program article help people to get started.

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