How Facebook Page Removed In 1 Day Without Warning For No Reason

Facebook doesn’t need any introduction and nearly 2.4 billion users are active at the time of this writing. Many small businesses, multinational companies, bloggers, artists, communities, musicians, actors and many are running the Facebook pages and groups successfully. The Facebook pages and groups have helped them in increasing their brand value.

Facebook has grown more than social networking. Did you heard about Facebook Instant articles monetization and learn how to set up them.

Coming to the actual issue, Facebook has removed our page without any notice and reason. It is a known fact about big Internet entities for not giving a damn to a user. The reason is simple ; it is free. If at all it is a premium account, then they would have restored the page in few hours. The big Internet giants like Google and Facebook would never care about webmasters, small business owners and bloggers.

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The was earlier hosted on Google owned Blogger platform. At one point of time, the blog attracted hundreds of unique visitors daily. We published more than 4-5 articles and everything was going fine. One day, Google deleted the blog without any notice. I appealed to them but my efforts went in vain. My biggest mistake was not backing the data. 200+ articles vanished in a single day. Later I researched about this issue and found thousands of webmasters who suffered like like me.

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At that time, I realized that Google do not bother about free users. Blogspot is a free blogging platform and they do not inform prior to users about the removal. The appeal is a big joke and the success rate is less than 5%. To be honest, it happens with every Google product. Be it a YouTube channel or Google AdSense. The only support you get from Google is when you run PPC campaigns using AdWords. The same rules apply in Facebook and Twitter too.

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Facebook Page Got Removed Without Warning For No Reason :

The irony is many bad guys are still using Facebook for illegal activities. I have personally encountered many instances of adult posts, spam links and illegal marketing practices. But, the Facebook page of doesn’t contain any objectionable content and we didn’t break any rules. All we do is sharing the posts on Facebook page. We do not share them aggressively as I am against spamming.

The appeal process of Facebook is similar to that of Google. Even the success rate of restoration is lesser just like in the case of Google. But, at the same time we shouldn’t depend solely on Facebook pages for traffic. We ran many ads on Facebook page for the brand promotion. If my Facebook page has not followed their terms, then how did they allow me to run ads?

Facebook would always check the content and links before approving any ad. So, at that time you were fine with my content. Of course I didn’t share any posts other than website’s content. As you all know there is no objectionable content in this website. It is 100% clean and we do not run any popup ads.

What Would Someone Do If Facebook Didn’t Restore Their Page/Pages?

This is a real tricky question and the answer depends on the approach of the user. If you are really serious about page or you are gaining something from it, then you must look for other alternatives. Agreed that Facebook is a leading referral traffic source. But, that doesn’t mean that you solely depend on Facebook pages. You could try Facebook groups or build best connections on your personal profile. The YouTube is far better than Facebook pages when it comes to reach. However, you need to plan well for reaching your targeted audience.

There are many blogging communities where you can share your content with other members. If your website has a killer content or you are offering a great product, then people will naturally share with their friends. You can also try other platforms like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for promoting your website/blog/product/service.

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Conclusion :

Depending solely on any platform is really unfair. Be it a Google AdSense, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. One must clearly understand the brand’s monopoly before getting used to it. This will make you stress free when something bad happens to you. I am not concluding that something bad will happen. If at all it happens, you will at least do not give a damn to it. On the other side, I appreciate Facebook for taking down illegitimate and objectionable pages.

My sole intention for this write up is making you aware of Facebook page removal. They wouldn’t remove it permanently. You will be given some time like 2 weeks to appeal. In the meanwhile you can’t post anything on your Facebook page wall. After appealing, the Facebook team will take couple of days investigating the issue. You may or may not get your Facebook page back. Read this reference article from Facebook. If you get your Facebook page back, then it is a time to celebrate. Even if you do not get it back, then try other alternatives.

Bottom line : Unbiased stance is much appreciable.

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