SEOPress Affiliate Program: Recommend And Earn Cash

We are talking about the SEOPress affiliate program in this post.

There are many affiliate programs under different niches and SEO is one of the decent category.

Just like any other SEO affiliate program, you will earn for referring customers to SEOPress.


If this is the first time you heard about SEO, then read this interested article from Moz.

What Is SEOPress?

The SEOPress is a popular SEO based WordPress plugin.

It is similar to Yoast and Rank Math.

More than 100.000 sites are using this plugin for their On-Page SEO.

Download this plugin on WordPress

What Is SEOPress Affiliate Program?

When you bring a customer to SEOPress using their banners and links, you will get paid.

To become a SEOPress affiliate, visit

You will be asked your personal info and promotional methods while applying as an affiliate.

The SEOPress team will review your application before approving your account.

How Can Affiliates Promote The SEOPress?

The affiliates can use the following methods for promoting the SEOPress:

  • Are you a blogger?

Write a blog post about the SEO or SEOPress.

Give your affiliate link within the article.

  • Do you have a list of subscribers?

Send newsletters about SEOPress to your subscribers.

  • Are you a YouTuber?

Create a video about the SEOPress and leave your affiliate link in the description.

  • Social media

Promote SEOPress on your social profiles and websites.

  • Forums

Participate in useful discussions related to SEO.

Share your referral link with other participants.

The cookie period is 30 days.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases within 30 days, you will get paid.

How Much Can SEOPress Affiliates Make?

The affiliates can earn 20% commission per sale.

The more referrals you make, the more revenue you can earn.

When And How Will You Get Paid?

The payments are made on the monthly basis.

You should reach at least $50.

The payment option is PayPal.

What Are The Alternatives?

What Is The Final Conclusion?

One should join the SEOPress affiliate program for earning decent commissions.

Have you worked with SEOPress as an affiliate?

We would love to listen your working experiences.

Hope this SEOPress affiliate review help people while getting started.

Try SEOPress tool

Give a try to the SEOPress affiliate program!

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