3 steps for building the perfect garden office space

If you have decided that it is time to retire from the dining room table as your workspace and intend on improving and expanding your working environment, then you have come to the right place! Working from home has become extremely normalised these days, and more and more employees have decided that a permanent at-home workspace is the right way to go. Although this space isn’t always available to create within the house, there is no reason as to why you can’t bring it outside of the house, and no, we do not mean sitting on your grass on some outdoor furniture! We mean creating an indoor garden office space, stay tuned to adopt some ideas to apply to your future setup!

The building

There are a few options you can choose from when designing your garden office space and this really depends on the space available and how large, or how small you would prefer the space to be. Even if you have an extremely large garden space, this does not mean that you must opt for a large office building, choose what is best for you. We would advise opting for a log cabin style of home office as they are the most common approach due to the flexibility in size and style. If you are looking to purchase your cabin online, many retailers across the web offer such a wide variety, so you won’t struggle to find one you love. Alternatively, if you or someone in your household is capable of designing and building a model for your home office then this would be ideal too. The most important aspect of the building is to ensure that it is insulated and can provide electricity through mains power, so it may be wise to incorporate hiring an electrician into your plans. After all, a workspace would simply flop without electricity.

Electronic devices

On the note of electricity, this brings us to our next point, electronic devices. A computer or a laptop are necessities to any home office so these devices are definitely required in your space, however, if you have a larger office space why not incorporate a few more! A smart TV is a perfect device to include in an office space as it can offer many purposes that will be of benefit to you. A TV is perfect to have on for some background viewing because after all, it can be a long and lonely day in the home office yourself, and this interactive device will allow you to browse the web and access your favourite apps whenever you want to take a quick break. If you are required to host meetings or zoom calls with colleagues, you can even use screen mirroring to display the meeting on your TV instead of your computer to enhance the meeting and view everyone clearer. It may even feel like you are back in the office! The options are endless with a TV in your garden office space and this can even be mounted on your wall meaning that no space needs to be used up at all. For TV wall mounting assistance or inquiries, click here.

An Amazon Alexa or Google Home is another perfect addition to the room. These smart speakers can also interact with you through their voice assistants meaning that you can easily ask questions, control other devices through them, and set alarms. These devices even provide you with the option of turning on the lights through a simple spoken request meaning that so many tasks can be completed hands-free. They are the perfect asset to your office space.


Finally, the last thing to consider for your home office is how you will fill the space with furniture. We would advise attempting to keep furnishings at a minimum as too much can result in a cluttered space which can be unappealing on the eye. Ensure that you invest in a large desk, preferably with drawers at either one side or both for storage usage. Make sure that your desk space offers an adequate amount of legroom, as this is vital to ensuring that your comfort is prioritized and that you are not cramped up in a small space for the majority of the day. Your office chair is another important feature. Quite often, employees do not understand the true benefits of investing in a suitable and sturdy office chair and don’t seem to understand the effects a chair can have on your health regarding back pain. We would advise investing in a chair that is adjustable, padded, with the ability to glide along the floor, this is guaranteed to make your working day a lot more comfortable. Once your main pieces of furniture are in, it may be wise to invest in a filing cabinet, a bookcase, or perhaps some shelving to add additional storage space to your room, and finally, your garden office space is complete!

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