Skrill Affiliate Program (2023): Join, Grow and Earn Cash

Skrill affiliate program rewards people to recommend their payment solution.

Before going into the affiliate program details, let us know a little about Skrill.

What Is Skrill?


Skrill is one of the leading digital payment providers.

Previously Skrill was Moneybookers and it has been operating since 2001.

In 2013 the Moneybookers was rebranded as Skrill.

It is presently running its operations in 120 countries while transacting in 40 currencies.

In 2015, a company named Optimal payments acquired Skrill for a whopping sum of 1.1 billion euros.

Optimal payments was a parent company of Neteller, another digital payment provider.

In 2015 itself, Optimal payments rebranded as Paysafe.

Now, Paysafe is a parent company of both Skrill and Neteller.

Mostly Skrill is used by casinos, poker rooms, gaming and forex sites for their payment solutions.

It can be either depositing or withdrawing funds in those type of sites.

What Is Skrill Affiliate Program?

Skrill affiliate program

Skrill is offering a lucrative affiliate program where you can earn high and recurring commissions.

To become a Skrill affiliate, visit this page

The Skrill affiliate program is also known as a Paysafe affiliate program.

As Paysafe is a parent company to both Skrill and Neteller, they have come up with a platform to manage their affiliate programs.

You can also sign up for the Skrill affiliate program through

They will review your application within 48 hours.

How Does Skrill Affiliate Program Work?

The offers 3 affiliate programs: Skrill Global, Skrill USA and Neteller.

Skrill Global:

Skrill Global targets international affiliates. Anyone from any part of the world can join this program. However, affiliates from the US have to apply to the Skrill USA affiliate program.

Skrill USA:

Skrill USA program is applicable for US businesses or residents only.

Non-US affiliates should stay away from using Skrill USA program.

In this program, the USA affiliates cannot promote Skrill to the non-US customers.


Neteller is a big player in online payments when it comes to gambling and trading networks.

One can join the Neteller affiliate program using

You can promote Neteller globally and earn decent commissions.

Note: You should send a separate application for joining Neteller affiliate program.

What Are the Requirements to Join the Skrill Affiliate Program?

  • Any individual or agency should have an active website with interesting traffic. The audience should find Skrill or Neteller helpful for their business. If you don’t have a website, then you can contact the support team.
  • The affiliates should have an active Skrill or Neteller verified account before applying to the respective affiliate programs.

How Can Affiliates Promote Skrill?

  • Are you a blogger?

The bloggers can write and publish about Skrill or Neteller. Share the article with your friends, co-workers and acquaintances along with your affiliate link.

  •  Are you a YouTuber?

Make a video about Skrill or Neteller and upload it on your YouTube channel.

Leave your affiliate link in the video’s description.

  • Banners marketing

Once your account gets approved, you can have access to promotional banners.

You can use them on your websites or blogs to get visitors’ attention.

  • Newsletters

The affiliates can send newsletters about Skrill and Neteller to their subscribers list.

  • Social Media

You can promote Skrill and Neteller on your social media profiles.

  • Webinars

Organize webinars related to digital payments or international payments.

Recommend Skrill and Neteller to the webinar participants.

  • Forum marketing

Join various forums and participate in fruitful discussions related to digital payments.

You can share your Skrill affiliate link with the members.

But, remember that you shouldn’t indulge in spamming activities.

What Are the Skrill Affiliate Commission Rates?

Being a Skrill affiliate, you are entitled to earn 20% lifetime commissions.

That means you will receive commissions until your referred member stays with Skrill.

The commissions are the same for both Skrill USA affiliate program and Neteller as well.

Remember that the commissions will be generated when your referrals make deposits to the merchants approved by Skrill.

For example, your referral deposits $100 to the Skrill approved merchant. Then in this case you will receive $20 in commission.

How And When Will You Get Paid?

The commissions are made on a monthly basis.

You will receive payouts via Skrill or Neteller.

Can You Earn by Referring Affiliates to Skrill?

Yes, you can refer affiliates to Skrill and Neteller and earn 10% commission from the revenue generated by your referred affiliates.

For example, you have referred to an affiliate named John.

When John makes $100 in commissions, you will earn $10 out of it.

There will be separate promotional banners for referring affiliates.

What Are the Best Features of the Skrill Affiliate Program?

  • Initially you can apply to the affiliate program with one website. But, after getting approval you can promote on any number of websites.
  • The cookie period is 30 days. When someone clicks on your affiliate link and comes back within 30 days to join Skrill, you will receive commission.
  • You can earn decent lifetime commissions for referring customers and 10% additional commission for recommending qualified affiliates.
  • The affiliates can request customized and specially made promotional materials.

What Are the Alternatives to the Skrill Affiliate Program?

What Is the Final Conclusion?

One should join the Skrill affiliate program to make a decent income.

Have you worked with Skrill as an affiliate?

We would love to hear about your working experiences.

Hope this Skrill affiliate program review helps people get started.

Join Skrill affiliate program and start generating commissions!

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