Suomzilla Advertising Network (2023): Insightful Review

We are going to review the Suomzilla advertising network in this post.

Before going into the details, you must know about Suomzilla first.

What Is Suomzilla?

Suomzilla is a cloud-based self-serve advertising network where advertisers promote their products or services and publishers monetize their websites.

This advertising network is launched in year 2020 and headquartered in Finland.

The best part of Suomzilla advertising network is that they are offering various ad formats like pop under ads, push notifications, and native ads.

CPC, and CPM are the revenue models of Suomzilla advertising network.

Let us know how to run an ad campaign on Suomzilla.

How To Get Started with Suomzilla Advertising Network?

Visit to create an account.

Suomzilla create account

Once you sign up with all your details, you will be asked to verify your Email.

After verifying your email, you can start running your ad campaign.

Before setting up an ad campaign, you must ensure whether Suomzilla accepts your niche and content of your website.

Suomzilla advertising network accepts almost every niche except adult and illegal content.

If your content is allowed, then add funds prior to setting up an ad campaign.

To add funds, you must update legal information as shown in the image below.

Suomzilla legal information

Once you update all the info, you are ready to add funds.

At the time of writing this article, they have 3 payment options namely Wire transfer, Capitalist and Stripe.

For Wire transfer payment processor, the minimum amount is 100 €.

If you use Capitalist or Stripe payment option, then the minimum deposit amount is $100.

Suomzilla payment processor

Once you are done with adding funds, you can start setting up an ad campaign.

To launch your ad campaign, open the Campaigns page as shown in the image below.

Suomzilla setup campaign

We will see all the options used in setting up the ad campaigns.

Campaign name: You can name anything you desire for your ad campaign.

Campaign type: You are allowed to select the campaign type. You can select any of the 3 options; Popunder, Push and Native.

The options will change accordingly with the campaign type.

Let us put the Campaign type as Popunder.

  1. Popunder

Price model: In this campaign type, the price model will be CPM by default.

Price: The advertiser can set the price. It is generally calculated on the basis of CPM (1000 impressions).

Landing URL: Being Suomzilla advertiser, you need to share your target URL. You can use macros like {site}, {subid}, {OS}, {geo}, {browser}, {device}, {language}, {campaignid}, {carrier}, {pricemodel}, {campaigntype}, and {creativeid}.

The sample Landing URL would look like{Macro}

You can use any of the macros depending on your requirements.

Daily limit: This option is used to set your daily budget.

Total limit: You can mention your total budget for running the Popunder ad campaign.

Frequency capping: This feature will tell how frequently an ad will be shown to the same user. By default, the value is 2 impressions per 24 hours.

Status after moderation: You can either play or pause the ad campaign after moderation.

2. Push

Suomzilla push campaign

You can give any name to your campaign.

Campaign type: Select Push among 3 types.

Price model: Unlike popunder campaign type, Push campaigns have two price models, CPC and CPM. You can select either CPC or CPM.

Price: If you have chosen CPM, then the price would be calculated on a 1000 impressions basis. When you select the CPC price model, the price will be calculated on a single click basis.

Landing URL: The advertisers must share their landing URLs to run campaigns. You can use multiple macros.

User activity: Using this option, the advertiser can set the user activity by selecting any one of these 4 options: Optimal, High, Medium and Low.

Creatives: The advertiser should give a title, description, upload icon (192x192px) and image (360x240px or 720x480px) for creatives. You are allowed to add multiple creatives.

We have already talked about daily limit, total limit, frequency capping and status after moderation in the Popunder section.

3. Native

Suomzilla native campaign

Price model: Native campaign type has 2 pricing models, CPC and CPM.

Price: The price will be calculated on a price model basis.

Creatives: The advertiser should upload the image (500x380px).

Description: You should write a brief description in 60 characters.

Miscellaneous Features

Geo and Language:

Suomzilla geo and language

Countries: An advertiser can allow the traffic from all countries, add specific country or exclude a specific country.

States: You can either add or exclude a specific state after selecting the country.

Cities: Similarly, you can either add or exclude a specific city after adding the country.

Languages: You can either add or exclude a specified language.

Suomzilla carrier and device

Carrier and Device

Connection type: You can select your network type, mobile or Wi-Fi.

Traffic type: You can choose your traffic type from 3 types namely Mainstream, Adult and Mainstream+Adult.

Carriers: To select the carrier, you should select the countries and set the connection type to 3G(carriers).

Devices: You can choose from 3 types of devices: Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet.

Operating systems: To select the right operating system, you should first select the device.

OS versions: Once you select the right operating system, you can select the right OS version.

Browsers: To select the right browser, you should first set up the operating system.

Suomzilla publishers

Publisher IDs: The Suomzilla advertiser can either add or exclude publisher IDs from ad campaigns.

Partner and XML feeds traffic: You can either add partner and XML feeds traffic or disable it.

Time targeting

Suomzilla timezone

You can select the timezone from the options: All, working days, and weekend.

We finished learning how to setup an ad campaign in Suomzilla.

What Are the Best Features of Suomzilla Advertising Network?

  • Sumozilla advertising network is spread across 200+ geos generating over 900 million impressions per day.
  • The major verticals of Suomzilla advertising network are Dating, games, antivirus, utilities, sports and VPN.
  • Suomzilla is very particular about the security. This is the reason why Suomzilla is equipped with anti-fraud systems to detect and filter illegalities.
  • Suomzilla focusses more on advertiser’s ROI factor. The advertisers should utilize the targeting tools to be profitable.
  • Once you successfully register on Suomzilla, you will be assigned a personal manager to help you in all phases.
  • Advertisers can track the clicks, impressions, conversions, CPM, CPC, CTR, and budget spent in real time.

What Is the Final Conclusion?

Suomzilla advertising is an ideal solution for both mainstream and adult niches.

Have you worked with Suomzilla advertising network?

We would love to hear about your work experience in the comments section.

We hope this Suomzilla advertising network review help the advertisers in getting started.

Join Suomzilla advertising network and launch your ad campaign!

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