LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program: Is It Genuine In 2023

We are going to cover the review of the LinkedIn Learning affiliate program in this post.

On one fine day, me and one of my colleagues were discussing related to LinkedIn and suddenly he said that ” If there is LinkedIn affiliate program, then many professionals, entrepreneurs and students will have a great opportunity to make money.

The other day we were searching whether there is an affiliate program for LinkedIn.

We have earlier reviewed Adobe affiliate program, Microsoft affiliate program, Bing ads affiliate program, Apple iTunes affiliate program, and Google workspace (G Suite affiliate program) on our website.

Then we finally found LinkedIn Learning affiliate program.

LinkedIn is a leading social media platform meant for students and professionals.

You can post or search for a job, hire eligible candidates and connect with professionals in respective fields or others.

LinkedIn has over 850 million registered users worldwide.

LinkedIn Learning was renamed after the acquisition of Lynda, a training platform where one can learn software, creativity, and business skills. The acquisition was in the year 2015.

Dramatically Microsoft later acquired LinkedIn in 2016.

It is an entirely different story.

The online education sector is booming after the pandemic because people have taken time to learn new things.

Work from home has become a new norm and people are focused on upgrading skills and knowledge.

LinkedIn learning

Let us look at some of the topics that LinkedIn Learning had majorly covered.

Business topics:

  • Business analysis and strategy

Creative topics:

  • AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction)

Technology topics:

Now, let us talk about LinkedIn Learning affiliate program.

What Is LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program?

LinkedIn Learning has come up with an affiliate program to encourage individuals and agencies to earn money.

You don’t need an active LinkedIn account to join the affiliate program.

At the time of writing this article, the LinkedIn affiliate program was managed by Impact Radius.

If you do not have an account in Impact Radius, then you should join it prior to signing up for the LinkedIn Learning affiliate program.

Once you apply for the affiliate program, they will review your application.

They are offering this affiliate program for individuals and agencies hailing from specific countries.

We will be giving a list of countries that are eligible to participate in the LinkedIn affiliate program.

The cookie period is 30 days. That means you are eligible to receive commission within 30 days of the action taken.

Who Can Join as LinkedIn Affiliate?

Anyone who is from these following countries can join the LinkedIn affiliate program:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

How to Join LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program?

As we mentioned before, you need to have an account in Impact Radius.

Go to and open the affiliate program link as shown in the image below.

LinkedIn learning affiliate program


Once you click the affiliate program link, you will be directed to the Impact Radius page featuring LinkedIn Learning affiliate program.

LinkedIn learning affiliate program application

If you are an existing Impact user, then open the I already have an account link.

Once you login into your Impact account, you need to agree to the LinkedIn Learning affiliate marketing terms before approving the contract.

If you do not belong to any of the eligible countries, then you will receive a rejection email straightaway.

Otherwise, they will review your affiliate application thoroughly.

How To Promote Your LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Link?

Once you are accepted into the LinkedIn affiliate program, you will have access to creatives and text links.

You can mainly promote LinkedIn Learning using these strategies.

Step 1: Create content around LinkedIn Learning and explain why someone should pursue the courses. People should be convinced by your explanation. Publish your article along with your LinkedIn affiliate link.

Step 2: Build relevant connections through subscription boxes and social media. Send newsletters about LinkedIn Learning to your subscribers. Include your affiliate link in the newsletter.

Step 3: Create a Facebook group, Pinterest page, Twitter account, LinkedIn page and Instagram page. Keep on sharing your LinkedIn affiliate link on all your social media channels.

Step 4: Make a YouTube video about LinkedIn Learning and share your affiliate link in the description. However, you can create multiple videos about courses.

Step 5: Organize a webinar related to online education and explain how LinkedIn Learning courses will help people. In the end, share your affiliate link with the participants.

There can be numerous ways to promote LinkedIn Learning and we welcome others to share their promotional strategies in the comments section.

What Are the LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Commission Rates?

The affiliates can earn the commissions in two ways:

  • You can earn $10 for every free trial sign up.
  • When someone purchases a course from your affiliate link, you will be entitled to receive 35% commission.

What Are the Pros of LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program?

  • LinkedIn is a reputable platform and it is easy to convince people to take courses.
  • There are over 15000 courses in 50+ categories.
  • The commission rates are highly competitive.
  • LinkedIn allows affiliates to create deep links to categories, courses, videos or instructor pages.

What Are the Cons?

  • This affiliate program is country specific. Not everyone can join as a LinkedIn affiliate.
  • The acceptance rate is very low. It is less than 5%.

How Can Affiliates Reach the Support Team?

If you have any questions about the LinkedIn affiliate program, then send an email to [email protected].

What Is Final Conclusion?

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is a great brand and everyone may dream of working as an affiliate.

Though LinkedIn Learning affiliate program offers decent commission rates, the approval is difficult due to their rigid policies.

They want to select the top-notch affiliates who are leaders in their respective niches.

It is good for some reasons but anyone who is new to affiliate marketing or less experienced will lose the opportunity to generate income from LinkedIn.

Have you ever tried the LinkedIn Learning affiliate program before?

We would love to hear about your working experiences with LinkedIn Learning.

Try LinkedIn learning affiliate marketing!

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