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  1. Good afternoon which network you use

  2. You must use Adit-Media, the best network i found out there. Great rates, great support and fast payments.

    1. Great to hear that it worked for you. Could you tell me the average CPM rate of this network?

  3. Shawn michale says:

    No negative reviews???

    I have seen lots of negative reviews about this network. I heard they use hacking techniques to hack customer users details. It’s better if we all stay away from this network.

    1. Did you try this network?

    2. Hi Shawn,

      Nice to meet you, i’m the CEO of Adit-Media. Could you please elaborate about our hacking techniques? I never heard such a complaint in my life, needless to say this is not true in any way. You are more than welcomed to contact me in person, if you have any issue.
      BTW – Did you ever try working with us?

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