PopWin Advertising Network – A season of changes and improved features

PopWin is a self-served CPV-CPA Pop-under, Pop-up & Mobile redirect advertising network which main purpose is to bring a standard quality between publishers & advertisers. Our main concern is the profit of both publishers & advertisers and therefore we implemented a few new options that will help our users gain more ROI with us and not waste their money on generated traffic.

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We have implemented a dynamic bidding system that would bring benefits to advertisers and publishers. At first, any publisher that will send traffic to us will receive a standard rate. After his first conversion, the rate will be optimized automatically based on performance and quality. If the conversion is great, so would be the compensation.

There is more also, we’ve thought about worldwide ads fill and we’ve come up with a solution. If you’re having a lot of traffic from a country, but we don’t have CPV (Cost per View) ads to offer, you will automatically receive a CPA (Cost per Action) offer and earn money for any conversion you make. For the publishers interested in sending the remaining traffic to another source, we have the option to set up an Fall Back URL.

You also don’t need to worry that your website won’t be accepted. We accept all the websites and our system blocks all the generated traffic .So if you try to send fake traffic to us, don’t be amazed when you see that your eCPM is $0 because that’s how much bulk traffic values right now .

We pay our publishers weekly, on request, every Friday. For publishers which earnings are bigger than $300 per day it will be on request with a maximum delay of 24 hours.

We’ve thought about advertisers too. For them, we implemented an internal pixel tracking so they can track the conversion easier than before. No matter if it’s CPV or CPA, we can track your conversion and make sure you pay for quality and not for generated visitors.

Our dedicated support will help you with any issues that you may have like optimizations for your campaigns. Besides our tracking pixel, we do offer a Disallow List so you can block low converting traffic from your campaign and receive only the best traffic.

Our Benefits :

  • CPA/CPV/CPI – Choose from multiple compensation terms
  • Pop-under,Pop-Up,Mobile Redirect – Multiple Ad Formats,More coming up soon!
  • Fall Back URL – To send the remaining traffic to another Ad Network
  • Anti Bot Script – Blocks all generated traffic
  • Weekly Payment – Daily for people whom earn more than $300 per day
  • Accept all websites – There’s no minimum traffic requirement
  • Dedicated Support – Our team is here to help you
  • Disallow List – To block the low converting sources of traffic
  • Pixel Tracking , S2S Tracking – Multiple Parameters for a better targeting
  • Support Active – Receive an answer to your questions in maximum of 15 minutes (Working hours only )
  • Minimum withdraw of $20 trough PayPal
  • Manager System -> Bring us Publishers&Advertisers,Manage them and you get 20% of their earnings + Bonuses. *

*This requires a Skype interview to see that you’re capable of bringing quality to us

What are you waiting for? Join the fastest growing advertising network and win more than you did before working with us.

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