Redirect Review : Buy And Sell Traffic Network For Publishers

Redirect is a buy and sell traffic network based in US. The revenue models of this network are CPM, CPC and CPA. Being a publisher you can make money displaying banners on your site and domain parking. It is a good alternative to nativly ad network. Redirect review sites of publishers before approving their accounts.


Requirements for publishers to join and use network

The publishers must not

  • Click on their own ads.
  • Encourage others to click or view ads.
  • Use domain names that they don’t own.
  • Use proxies, bots, PTC sites, auto refreshing sites and traffic exchanges to generate fake traffic.
  • Modify the ad code.
  • Drive traffic via E-Mail to their domains parked at

This network approves

  • High quality sites
  • Content based sites
  • Sites having great Alexa rank

Note : There are no specific restrictions for domains to join and use this network. However this network doesn’t allow sub domains and free sites.

Ad Formats

The publishers can have access to the following ad formats :

  • Native ads : The publishers have 2 types of segments : Web and E-Mail.

Under ‘Web’ segment you have the following ad unit types :

  1. Responsive
  2. Story
  3. Fixed
  4. News Feed
  5. Exit Pop
  6. Slide Up
  7. Interstitial
  • Redirect traffic : You can use any of the following 4 methods to monetize traffic : Redirect URL, Pop on click, Exit pop and Redirect on click.

Domain Parking : Apart from monetizing active websites, you can also make money from dead domains. You can make decent money parking your domains on


The publishers get paid on Net 15 / Net 20 basis. The payment options are PayPal, ACH, Check, Paxum and Wire transfer. The minimum payout is $100. If publishers make $1000 a week then they are eligible for weekly payments.

Best Features

  • 100% fill rate
  • Competitive rates
  • Multiple monetization methods
  • The publishers can track their performance and revenue using real-time reporting system.
  • Timely payments
  • Best offers for premium publishers
  • Dedicated account manager

Final Conclusion is one of the best monetization platforms. The publishers must take maximum advantage of this network. You can contact your account manager for more offers. While parking domains you sometimes don’t see any revenue despite clicks and impressions. Don’t panic as the earnings might be based on CPA. The publishers who have used this network can share their experiences here. You can also send payment proof. Hope this Redirect review help publishers to get started.

Join this network and start making money

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