Earn Money Easily Through These 4 Digital Platforms

Remote work and casual working are an enticing option for those looking for flexible work or wanting to add a sideline to their main source of income. One benefit of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the rise of remote working options and other forms of flexible working which leave you much more in control of your schedule. Here are some digital platforms which make it easy for you to find work across several different industries.

1. Trucking work

For any truck drivers based in the USA, https://www.shiply.com/us/truck-loads is the best way to find truck loads. Unlike most traditional load boards and trucking brokers, this innovative platform does not charge you a fee to sign up or to bid on a job; they simply take a commission on your fee for any job you successfully bid for. Their search function allows you to easily find trucking jobs local to you, which is great for flexibility.

2. Transcription and captioning

Verbit is a transcription and captioning company that uses artificial intelligence software to extract text from a sound recording, such as a legal deposition or a lecture. Editors and reviewers are then employed to check the accuracy of the transcription or captions, correct any mistakes and add in any extra information needed, such as web links to verify the identity of witnesses and other people mentioned during legal proceedings. No specific qualifications are necessary to work as an editor or reviewer; instead, candidates are required to complete some online training and then pass a test to verify that they understand how to complete the job correctly. One benefit of working for Verbit is that all jobs can be completed remotely and across different time zones—all you need is a computer and reliable access to the internet.

3. Notetaking

If you are a college students looking to make some money, and you have legible handwriting or the ability to type quickly, you may be able to find work as an accessibility notetaker for your university—the University of La Verne in California, for example, recently advertised for an accessibility notetaker position on Glassdoor. An accessibility notetaker is responsible for taking notes in lectures, seminars, and workshops for students who are unable to take notes themselves because of a disability such as visual impairment. Notetaking is a relatively easy job for someone who is used to taking notes for themselves anyway—you just need to let your employer know which subjects you would be comfortable taking notes in, as there’s no point in you trying to keep up with a senior-level Physics class if you’ve never studied Physics before in your life! While notetaking isn’t tied to a particular platform, and can sometimes be done in person, these days, it is often done remotely through software such as Microsoft Teams.

4. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants provide admin support to individuals and companies remotely. You can sign up to become a virtual assistant on several VA platforms.

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